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ISS A2Z and ISS 3.2 Zvezda upgrade 2016-05-19


Hi there Orbit Nuts,
WARNING this can seriously affect your frame rate on older machines
Thortons ISS Zvezda hasn't been updated in years its great, but it looks a bit dated so I took Thortons original mesh and nearly completely redone it  to bring it a bit more up to date with the rest of the great  addons for the ISS  this is mostly for Donamy's ISS A2Z but also works with Thortons great ISS3.2  The only parts left from the Original Zvezda are the Solar Panels and parts of the Docks,  I hope he doesn't mind
I've included alot of textures here some of which I have modified slightly for the Zvezda (modified ones won't change originals)
I don't take any credit for them   just includied to complete the addon  thank you all
The Zvezda Service Module is one of the most complicated modules on the ISS and have tried to get a close as possible to what it looks like in Orbit   I've tried my best  but you could go on for ever with this module so understand if things have been left out.
if you notice something not right with the module let me know so I can fix it, I want you guys to get something that improves the experience  so I've spent alot of time on thiis hope you like it
Big Thanks to Patrice (Pappy) for his help and comparisons
and Donamy for encouragement
And for Thorton without his work this would have been pointless..  Thank you
Basic scenario included and Read me file with Cut and Paste suggestions
Back up Originals in meshes folder  ISSR/  ISS_Zvezda and ISS_Zvezda1
then unzip as normal
let me know if you have suggestions
We're Just a DOT
PS works with D3D9
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