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HUDDrawer SDK v.0.4 for Orbiter 2010 2016-09-23


For Orbiter 2010 ONLY.
'Nuff blocking other developers, who are waiting with their HUD drawing modules to bust, by Launch MFD's internal HUD drawing system! This library centralizes the internals of “VESSEL virtual table hijacking”, providing a common system where all the modules, willing to draw on HUD, are registered, and receive the HUD drawing context afterwards. A good example of a module that could use this system would be Axial Velocity HUD, which is currently not compatible with Launch MFD's former HUD drawing system (or the other way around).Reference posts: Problem report, solution used.WARNING! This library is a HACK and it may stop working in future versions of Orbiter API if the library isn't maintained anymore. Note however that it's very easy to do so by updating the VesselHooking class.Documentation available at:OrbiterSDK\doc\HUDDrawerSDK======================Changes:v. 0.4    11.09.2016- MFD: Fixed a CTD upon clicking on buttons when list is emptyCopyright (C) 2008 Steve Arch "agentgonzo" - virtual table hijackingCopyright (C) 2012-2016 Szymon Ender "Enjo" - created a framework
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