Hammaguir Base and Diamond French rocket (Diamant)

Hammaguir Base and Diamond French rocket (Diamant) 2020-12-12

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Hammaguir is an Algerian little town located at 100 km from the city of Colomb Bechar.
This French launch site was created in 1948.
It has been used from 1947 to 1967 to launch experimental rockets and from 1965 to 1967 to launch the "Diamant" launcher rocket, a satellite carrier.

The first French satellite A-1 named "Asterix" was launched by a "Diamant" rocket on the 26th of November 1965 at 15h47 UT.
It has been put in orbit with a perigee of 527 km, an apogee of 1697 km, and an equatorial inclination of 34.3°

A runway 27/09 of 2700 m with a VOR (freq 112.00 Mhz) can be used.

Please read the user notice in the ...\Doc\Hammaguir folder.

Works only with orbiter 2016

Mandatory :
OrbiterSoud 5.1
Included Spacecraft4 by Vinka and Multistage2015 by Fred18
Thanks to them !
Recommended : the latest D3D9 graphics client

  • Launch Base, Diamant and Asterix satellite : by Papyref
  • Hires surface tiles (for Orbiter 2016) : by JacquesMomo

V2 : Adding and Corrections
  • many minors corrections
  • a new texture for Diamant, more realistic and conform to history.
  • new sounds
  • heat protection before launch
  • and a simulation of a missed launch of Diamant with explosion

V3 : Adding and Corrections
- new dll for smokesÂ

V4 : Adding and Corrections
  • use of Orbiter2010 New lighting (please activate the "Local Light Sources" option in the orbiter launchpad)
  • a little change to reduce time before thermal-shields ejection.
  • increase of spin speed for Asterix

V5 : Adaptation for Orbiter 2016
  • surface tiles adaptation for Orbiter 2016 (Tile system is different !)
  • adaptation of some buildings (to stay stand up on the ground !)
  • improved scenarios (images, font, etc ...)
  • added sounds for the Movable Gantry animations
  • various updates to configuration and guidance files
  • adaptation for the new Orbitersound 5.1
Supported Orbiter Version
  1. 2016
First release
Last update
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Très bien ! Les voix ne sont pas d'origine, on dirait paramètres nominaux. Beau travail. Serait-il possible d'avoir les sources du guidage dans le dossier sdk ?
Oups... je m'étais trompé d'add-on... (j'avais confondu avec "Honeymoon"...)

En fait, les fichiers de guidance, tu les trouveras dans ...\Config\Vessels\Diamant

Ce sont les fichiers *(..)guidance.txt et si on les édite, on touve ça (par exemple) :


Ce sont des vaisseaux "multistage2015" et donc ce fichier sert à guider la fusée.
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