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FRENCH IN SPACE 1982 2008 2015-04-07

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FRENCH IN SPACE  1982 -2008
For 2010 Orbiter P1.
D3D9ClientR15 compatible.
French version only.
At today's date between Jean-Loup CHRETIEN's first flight on 24 June 1982 and Leopold EYHARTS's flight on 7 February 2008, seventeen space missions were carried out by nine French Astronauts.
All of these missions allowed nine French Astronauts (including one French woman) to fly and stay in Soviet and Russian vessels (Soyuz) and Americans vessels (Space Shuttles) and also in all space stations in orbit between 1980 and 2008 (Salyut-7, MIR and ISS).
Relive every hours of all these French Astronauts' flights in space with more than hundred and fifty scenarios.
All the scenes that I propose are "almost" historical : scenes and locations, dates, times are as realistic as possible.
Only some of the payloads located in the Space Shuttles and in the Salyut 7 Space Station may not reflect the historical reality. But that's because I have not found good elements textures on various forums for some of the scenes I create.
These minor modifications with the history do not change the progress of the concerned missions.
As this is a mission pack, the required ADD-ONS are numerous. The exact list is described in a special file you can find in the Zip file.
Please read this file because it contains all the information to download, install and use all these add-ons, and to accomplish all my scenarios without problems.
Thank you to all creators.
You will also find 17 summary of each mission made by the French Astronauts files with many photos and details.
Everything has been tested and re-tested, but if unfortunately you were faced with a "bug" or a problem, do not hesitate to contact me : I welcome your comments, remarks and others...
I wish you much fun with all my scripts, as I've felt while created them.
"All this is for you, enjoy together, enjoy in peace"
     Good flights to every body - 24 March 2015
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