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Falcon9 for Orbiter2016 221115


The SpaceX "Falcon 9 Block5" launcher, with recoverable 1st Stage and Fairings. Historical OG2, NROL76, GraceFO, GPS3 and Iridium satellite launch scenarios and test scenarios.

Features optional Ascent-to-Orbit autopilot and 1st Stage Flyback-EDL autopilot, etc. Optional Star48BV kick motor. Recoverable Fairings with RCS, parafoil, autopilot guidance. Payload "attachment" by editing scenario, or in-sim by payload name input.

Config file options: Expendable, No Fairing, Crew Dragon Adaptor, Cargo Dragon Adaptor, Custom Adaptor Mesh, Used Booster Skin, Fairing Recovery, up to 20 definable Attachment Points for multiple payloads.

Also includes LC39A, SLC40 and SLC4E launchpads, LZ landing pads. ASDS booster recovery vessel, FRV fairing recovery vessel. Elev_mod tiles for flat LZ areas at KSC and VAFB.
Installation and operation details in Doc/Falcon9 for Orbiter2016/ folder.

Recommended add-on:"LC39A SpaceX" modified LC39A launchpad

Orbiter2015 Hi-Res Texture Pack for West Coast USA

Big Thanks to Dr.S, Donamy, Marg, francisdrake, Barry, Fred18, IronRain, Kyle and everyone else.
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  1. 2016
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  1. v.221115

    Dynamic (modulated) exhaust visuals. Booster re-entry max-Q contrail. Booster re-entry burn...

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Very nice... Orbiter has certainly come a ways since the 2010 days... The whole Space X thing has regenerated my interest... I'm old enough to remember the moon landings and the Space Shuttle when it was just a glider on a 747... The industry is really moving fast now compared to then... These simulators and addons can help people understand how space works or doesn't and feel like a part of it... Thank you.
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