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F-35B Lightning VTOL 2011-02-18

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Test Pilot's comments on this aircraft:

(JoyStick helpful - though not essential)
To enable hover, aircraft has rotatable thrust.
Press 0 to rotate the engine fully to "HOVER SET" or 0 degrees.
Press 9 to rotate the engine 10 deg down at a time.(and to reverse in hover ~ 110/120 deg.)
Press 8 to rotate the engine 10 deg up at a time.(and for forward thrust in hover ~ 90 -> 10 deg.)
Attitude control is via keypad 4< 6> and 8^ ¬2 or JoyStick.
(Press Ctrl together to attenate effect)
For fine alignment in hover, press 6 & 4 together on NUMPAD for forward; 9  for Backward; 1 or 3 Left/Right (KILLROT on) .
Press CTRL and +/- on the numpad for Thrust.
Use Insert and Delete to set Trim (except in ALTHOLD mode.) Trim has no effect in Hover.
Press A for AutoThrust/Hover autopilot.     }
Press L to hold craft level with horizon.      } (Required in Hover for stability)
Press 5 on keypad for KillRotation mode. }
Vertical touchdown must be at less than -9.5 m/sec else Gear is damaged.(To repair press "2" on keyboard)
Press E for engine Start/Stop.
Press 7 for Afterburner when engine at 0 deg.and full thrust.
Press G for Gear.
Press K for Stealth mode.
Press B for Airbrake.
Press C to operate Cockpit Canopy. (Landed only)
Press F8 for VC when in cockpit mode.
As Test Pilot describes, he has the capability to "look through the aircraft"!
Press V to toggle "visor" view simulation in VC mode. (Interesting effects if you have TrackIR.)
[Actually, if we could find a way of disabling HUD cancellation when panning, this could be simulated much better]                                 MartinS you must know :)
CameraMFD & NotesMFD enhance immersion and usability.
My Heathrow addon required for Heathrow Scenarios :)
Hope you enjoy the gear suspension - it gives some unpredictable effects at times! ( and was a nightmare to code ;)
Grateful thanks (really) to Kev Shanow for the original craft and PennyBlack for the super new skins, (working with a very difficult original mesh).
These skins are in the Textures/JMW/ directory. Just un-zip the one of your choice to Orbiter root directory.
Happy VTOL !!
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