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Donamy and Thorton's ISS for Orbiter 2016 2018-12-26


Updated the documentation. Now can be fully installed via executable.
  This is the detailed ISS created by various developers; notably Donamy and Thorton. It was originally developed to run in Orbiter 2010 is now modified to work in Orbiter 2016. This add-on includes all the extensions released separately and has four working scenarios. To use it for gameplay, simply copy and paste the 4000+ lines of code into your scenario of which is the ISS itself alone. Please read the documentation before installing anything.
REQUIREMENTS: "spacecraft 3" by vinka ( 120 613 394 0/ and "genericvessel" by Face and Artlav (
DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any part of the development of this add-on. The names that are responsible go by in no particular order: Donamy, Thorton, Xmariox, Igel, dave1705, hutchison66, olrik_jhor, turtle91, SiameseCat, David413, computerX, Poscik, Fizyk, and BrianJ. If I am missing anybody's name let me know ASAP and I apologize in advance.
WARNING: This add-on is a very big file (about 150 MB), and is only guaranteed to work on high-end computers. You can try to optimize the graphics on your advanced video settings to make it work on yours. Also now are included scenario files for low-end computers.
Thanks again to the developers for creating such a breathtaking add-on. Special thanks to ThBaron for help with configuring a more up-to-date ISS. Make sure to keep up with future updates and additions to the ISS over at
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