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DG-EX UniversalCargoDeck4 and PowerHover V1.1 2010-12-06


New in version1.1
-900kN translation mode of hover engine implemented, realized by thrust vector control of the big hover nozzles (not animated but with sound), enables faster positionings over the landing zone
I made this because the normal UCD4-using  causes errors at RCS, when you set the DeltagliderEX as core vessel. So i must use "a special core vessel" which is attached to DGex's payload bay. All cargo masses will be right added to the DGex mass now and RCS works correctly too. The idea came from XR5-UCD4-Carrier, because XR5 had similar problems without this.
The PowerHover is an powerfull booster, which enables vertikal lift offs and landings on planets with earth like masses, when no runway is available. Its main task is in the Sol system the planet Mars, because it was not possible to land/start there vertikally with payload and/or 25% filled tanks!
It uses trigol propellant and DG-Ex's internal nuclear reactor for heating the propellant to increase the Isp of normal chemical reaction from 3800 to 7200m/s.
This is mutch lesser than DG-Ex's main engine (59 000m/s), but the thrust is like space shuttle's main engine! Its although possible to use it for suborbital flights for research or tourism in SpaceShipTwo-Style, when you activate it at 12 km altitude and 300m/s. But its not made for reaching LEO, it has a very high fuel consumption and its complet burn time is only 120 s, like a space shuttle SRB. . 
Its mainly made for the last seconds of a flight to enable a smooth and secure landing and later a restart.
Because i didn't want to change the nature of the DG-Ex and did not modify any original DeltagliderEx-files!
Technically its an extra booster like velcro, which is attached to the DG-ex and uses its own tank.
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