CESSNA 172 2022-11-30

Airplane for Orbiter 2016

This plane should have been published with my future add-on "Cessna and Guyana Aerodromes".
But this add-on is not ready yet because I still have a lot of details and some small problems to solve.
I realized that I started modeling this plane 3 years ago !
So I decided to publish this plane "as is".

This plane which uses the superb Fred18's Vesselbuilder module, I think it is a good example of all the possibilities that this amazing module gives.
I created no less than 95 animations, and 72 events (for those who know this module) ;)
Note : this module is included in the add-on. Thanks to Fred18

OH IMG main.jpg

You will probably notice that this aircraft has some undocumented animations :
they are planned to be able to load and deliver boxes, also the possibility of boarding a passenger and even a pilot designed almost like UMmus.
These last elements (boxes and UMmus) are not currently delivered with this add-on.
So you will have to wait to be able to use all its possibilities.

There are two planes in this add-on :
  • the first which has characteristics that are not entirely consistent (speed for example)
  • and a second (in the colors of Air Guyana) which has characteristics closer to a real Cessna.
Thanks to the help of Max-Q.


Simply unzip this "zip" file directly into the root folder of your Orbiter.

Remember to activate the following two options in the Orbiter launchpad :
  • Visual effects tab - General effects area: Local light sources (so that the aircraft headlights can work)
  • Parameters tab - Realism area: Auto-refuel on pad (so the plane can refuel)


The following add-ons are not required, but strongly recommended :

- OrbiterSound version 5 for Orbiter 2016 HERE
Don't tell me you haven't already installed it!!! (essential for sounds!)

If you don't install this add-on you won't have the Kourou airfield runway.

- Cayenne Rochambeau Airport v4 HERE
If you do not install this add-on you will not have the runway at Cayenne-Rochambeau International Airport (now called Félix Éboué).

- Graphic Client D3D9 HERE
I strongly advise you to install it and above all to use it, it's much prettier !!!

IMG 04.jpg


Please read the documentation in the ...\Doc\Cessna 172 folder available in French and also in English.

Do not hesitate to send me your remarks, I will take them into account for the next release because this plane will be the central point of my future add-on "Cessna and Guyana Aerodromes". :salute:

There is already a thread on Orbiter-forum HERE
And also on Dan's French forum HERE

IMG 01.jpg

IMG 02.jpg

IMG 08.jpg

IMG 06.jpg

Update 1
: added forgotten dds file
Supported Orbiter Version
  1. 2016
First release
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Finest Cessna 172 that has ever flown in Orbiter.
Thanks for the compliment!

So keep an eye out for the upcoming release of my futur add-on "Cessna & French Guiana Airtport" in a few weeks ! (I hope...)
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Très bien nous permet de découvrir le KSC sous un nouveau jour. l'avion est facilement manœuvrable avec le pavé numérique
Thans !
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