Cayenne Rochambeau Airport

Cayenne Rochambeau Airport 2020-12-15

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Cayenne-Rochambeau (now named Félix-Éboué) is the French Guiana international airport , located approximately at 15 km from Cayenne and at 50 km from Kourou.

It includes a 3800 m long runway capable for landing large aircraft.
Orientation 08 / 26°
It is also used for the Kourou-CSG. (See documentation).

This new version for Orbiter 2016 incorporates local surface tiles with high definition ground textures as well as ground markings and lighting.

To enhance the airport, there are included 5 vehicles :
  • a fuel truck
  • a passengers Bus
  • a Jeep Willys
  • a special French car : Renault 4L
  • a Tractor (capable of towing the DeltaGlider and the Bus)

And 2 aircrafts :
  • a funny helicopter
  • an Air France Douglas DC6 :p

All these vessels are operational for Orbiter 2016.


There are many scenarios to familiarize yourself with the use of rolling and flying vehicles or aircrafts.
In particular, scenarios present the superb DC6 witch allow you to pilot with numerous missions and challenges.

A tutorial and its included scenarios allow you to do a round trip Rochambeau - Kourou CSG, so you can have a look to the C.S.G. (European Spaceport of Kourou) facilities.
(Of course you have to install the KOUROU CSG Space Center v5.1 add-on.
Not mandatory, but highly recommended !) ;)
Here :

Please read the instructions in the Doc / Rochambeau folder for the use of vehicles and aircrafts,
as well as for doing step by step the Rochambeau Kourou round trip.

Credits :

By Papyref :
  • idea of the return trip Cayenne-Kourou with the Deltaglider
  • scenarios for the DG round trip and the Helicopter
  • tutorial and documentations
  • airport Buildings and Hangars

By Jacquesmomo (it's me...) :
  • hi-res surface tiles
  • additional decors
  • taxiways and tarmac lights
  • Renault 4L, Jeep, Helicopter and DC6

The rolling and flying vehicles or aircrafts use for the design and animations the famous modules
  • Spacecraft 3 et 4 by Vinka (for animations of some vehicles)
  • General_Vehicle by Fred18 (for ground vehicles)
  • Vessel Builder by Fred 18 (for the DC6)
All these modules are included in this "Rochambeau" package. Thanks to the designers

Required : OrbiterSound 5.1 by DanSteph

The scenes are compatible with the D3D9 client. It is recommended to install the latest version.
Supported Orbiter Version
  1. 2016
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