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AV-14 Hornet 2015-01-19


The AV-14 is a vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (VTOL) that has been in service since at least 2424.
It serves as the UNSC’s Assault, Search, Reconnaissance, and Close Air Support Aircraft. The Hornet is an atmospheric only craft and as such cannot be deployed by orbital vessels unless a ship rated for atmospheric entry can deliver it to the battlefield. It is easier for the Hornet to be deployed from an air base located on the surface than from a ship.
Features Include:
[*]4 Internal camera views
[*]2 x 2D control panel
[*]Hornet is Ummu and UCGO compatible. MUST BE INSTALLED for Hornet to work
[*]Crew can be added or removed
[*]Two New Ummu’s. One ODST and one Spartan
[*]Shift + Alt +Delete to show Command Keys on the HUD
[*]Weapons Panel can fire the main guns and 12x Missiles.
[*]Rotate the Thrusters.
[*]The Missiles can destroy another ship and you if you get to close when they arm.

Special thanks to:
Big thank you to Dansteph for making Ummu and UCGO
AstronautBrendan for testing this add-on
Michael Lawrence for suggesting this add-on
Cheers Jim.
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