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Apollo 13 Soundpack AMSO 2011-10-10


 This soundpack now provides the Apollo 13 mission in AMSO with detailed audio files for the main phases of the mission from launch to splashdown.  An emphasis was made on providing in real-time the first four hours of flight. This covers the launch up to LM extraction. After this the major events are given a good detailed overview. All radio traffic has been time stamped to their historic GET values via a flight transcript. I decided to leave the radio calls to the historic timeline as a reference.INSTALLATION:Just unzip the file into your Orbiter main directory. (If you installed the previous version delete the Sound/AMSO/AS-508 file folder before installing.)Many thanks to Dr. Martin Schweiger for creating Orbiter, and ACSoft for AMSO.EX LUNA, SCIENTIA
***UPDATE*** 8-22-14   v2.1
[*]Rework of launch audio.
[*]Added custom LM RCS and Canaveral base sound as options  in  the "Doc" folder. See readme.   

***UPDATE*** 10-13-13   v2.0
[*]Added more audio between lunar flyby AOS & SM jett.
[*]3 scenarios in the Doc folder that "fix" the audio playback problems with SM & LM jett. See Readme.
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