Alien Vessel

Alien Vessel 2022-06-15

It is fantastic vessel with high speed, from movies "Alien" and "Prometheus" and my invention (mixing).
I play with bump texture so "orbiter_ng" only. Model has virtual cockpit.
Because in Orbiter is not possible to vessel operate from Jockey, I invented additional navigation cabin.
There are three main thrusters - Main, hover and retro.
All you can rotate as a flaps, so you need Fly-By-Wire 2016 01.
Retro thruster in hover mode push vessel down!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway for keyboard:
Thrusters ahead - N
Thrusters hover - M
Thrusters astern - B
Looking around vessel - V
Not gears.. Not visuable thrusters.
Max speed don't known. My patience was no more then 30000 km/s.
Supported Orbiter Version
  1. 2016
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