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Airbus A380-800 (dll edition) v1.4 2011-05-19

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Update of the original liber's SC3 A380 addon, using Artlav's SC3 to DLL/C++ converter. Special thanks to both of them for their awesome work.
The A380 is currently the world's largest airliner. With a maximal takeoff weight of more than 550 tons, it can be configured to carry more than 800 passengers on two decks.
Here, you'll be able to carry 100 uMMu's (uMMu SDK limitation). That should be far enough for your needs ! ;-)
Check the readme doc for keys & instructions, the thing doesn't exactly fly like a Cessna and requires some care, especially when landing (don't be afraid to use the fuel dump, or carry the exact quantity of fuel you need for your flight, like in real life)...
Have fun !Update v1.1 :
- "Airlock" now low enough to allow uMMus to board.
- Plane is now perfectly immobile when the engines are stopped (which is good when you use time acceleration).Update v1.2 :
- Various bugfixes.
- VC HUD implemented.Update v1.3 :
- Gear/Airbrakes drag problem fixed.
- Speed in knots and Altitude in feet now available on VC HUD.Update v1.4 :
- Bugfixes (possible division by 0).
- Mach number & throttle % now available on VC HUD.
- Added local lights for landing/taxi lights.
- Keys updated, check the Readme.
- Flight model realism improved.
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