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A4E Skyhawk UPDATE 2011-08-20


Take off in the updated A4E Skyhawk Version2
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Press E to start/stop engine.
Press F for full flaps,D to deploy 10 deg.,S to stow 10 deg.
Press G for Gear.
Press 9 to lower Hook.
Press < or > or <> for wheelbrakes. Left, Right, or Both. (Smoke if sufficient retardation)
Press CTRL and + on the numpad for Thrust.(Afterburner operates at max. thrust).
Press A for height autopilot.
Use Insert and Delete to set Trim (Autopilot off).
Press K for Cockpit Lights and Strobes at Night..
Press 8 to Refuel when stopped...
Press 0 to Launch Sidewinders..
Press J to dump droptanks (be kind where -- they explode on contact)
Press F8 for VC when in cockpit mode.Use mouse to look aound VC while holding the right mouse button.

A Fuel Transfer Interface is required to decant fuel from droptanks to main.
(recommend ReFuel MFD )
Required for scenario "A-4E Droptanker Fuel Transfer" .
Wheel smoke and suspension flex on landing.
If you break the landing gear, Press Keypad 2 to repair.
If you land without gear down (you must be deaf!!), it's terminal! You need to start a new scenario.
Needs OrbiterSound 3.5  or higher installed.
Unzip into your Orbiter folder.(Make sure - Use Folder names is ticked when using winzip.)
If you have Kev's original A4E Skyhawk Version2, some files will be overwritten, putting these back to original. If you have customised these, back up yours first!
The Droptanks version has flight parameters (max height and fuel capacities) closely aligned to the actual aircraft.
The non-droptank version enjoys the original settings created by Kev33.;)

Both versions have many warning, damage controls, gear
suspension and smoke enhancements to original craft.

**Made for Orbiter 100830 with OrbiterSound 3.5 **..
With grateful thanks to Kev33 (Kev Shanow) for original craft.

06/09/11 - Update to description only.
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