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“Unofficial” LazyD Tribute Orbiter 2010 2010-07-24

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VERSION 2.0 (July 2010)
This is intended to be a celebration of LazyD’s contribution to the Orbiter community.  It was developed on AMSO version 1.15, and has been updated to run with AMSO version 1.19 and Orbiter 2010.  It is backwards compatible to both AMSO version 1.15 and Orbiter 2006P1.  Fixed minor problems and included 2 additional scenarios.
Monument design:
The first time I saw his “Orbiter” name, I thought of cattle branding.  See following link:
Tschachim shared with me the following link, which turned out to be a confirmation of his Orbiter name and a wonderful insight into the man’s personal life.
The letter “D” on its side conveys rest.  Mostly it was easy enough to model.
Hadley-Apennines, near the crater Rhysling.  I say “near”, because Scott and Irwin came close to it during Apollo 15’s first lunar EVA.  I too like the idea of “exploring beautiful places.”  Using either Land MFD or LOLA MFD and watching the scenery go by during landing approach, I think, conveys a sense of grandeur of the place.  Note: Unfortunately, neither Land nor LOLA MFDs work properly in Orbiter 2010 as of this release date.   
This add on DOES NOT require ACSoft’s AMSO, but it will look a lot better if you have that add on loaded first.  Even if the end result is meager, the learning necessary made the journey worthwhile. 
1. Orbiter Space Flight Simulator, version 2010 (build Jun 06 2010). 
2. Orbiter Sound version 3.5.
 Optional:Apollo Mission Simulator for Orbiter (AMSO), version 1.19 with Patch P1.
 Optional:XR2 Ravenstar by dbeachy1.  It is needed only for the “XR2 Inbound” scenarios.
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