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avatars and signatures help needed Issue Tools
issueid=1305 11-23-2016 07:19 PM
avatars and signatures help needed
how to modify avatars and signatures

unable to create/modify an avatar or a signature. is this "normal" for a new user?

greetings from the East Coast Lifestyle capital

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11-23-2016 08:58 PM
Puts the Fun in Dysfunctional
Hi lebla312, and welcome to the forums!

We operate a somewhat quiet anti-spam policy on new accounts, which restricts your privileges until you have made at least two posts to the boards. Until you've reached that mark, your posts are subject to moderator approval prior to being published, and you can't do things like add signatures and avatars.

I hope you understand, it's purely an effort to combat the ever-increasing mass of automated spam-delivery robots who would otherwise be among our highest posters.

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