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Quick Link to ISS live data Issue Tools
issueid=852 10-11-2011 01:59 PM
Clueless developer
Quick Link to ISS live data
http://spacestationlive.jsc.nasa.gov/ (courtesy of Galactic Penguin SST)

The "wow!" factor of this beta site is so large that it IMHO deserves a quick link from every OF page.
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10-20-2011 09:14 AM
every page? why not the main page and a link in the IRC topic.
10-20-2011 04:03 PM
orb orb is offline
O-F Administrator
How about putting it just in Quick Links > External Links / Space Flight section?
10-20-2011 10:30 PM
Tex Tex is offline
O-F Administrator
Dang, sorry I forgot all about this one. I agree the best place would be the external links page as orb suggested.
10-21-2011 08:25 AM
Clueless developer
External links page would be nice, too.
11-07-2011 04:20 PM
Tex Tex is offline
O-F Administrator
Added to external links page.

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