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Take away the ability to change font color based on thread prefix Issue Tools
issueid=609 10-17-2010 10:13 PM
Occam's Taser
Take away the ability to change font color based on thread prefix
The proposal is to take away the ability to change font color for certain thread prefixes, as to avoid new members posting in colors that are hard to read.

This isn't major, but I have noticed many instances where new members change the color of their fonts, since they don't realize that different forum skins may make it hard for others to read their post. This can be solved by just editing the post, but, if it is not hard to implement, it can be avoided in the first place. What I suggest is taking away the ability to change font colors from threads where it is not necessary. By 'necessary', I mean where there is no reason to use it. This would still allow threads with the prefix 'Tutorial' and 'News', etc, to use it, as people often change the color of headers for certain sections of their post.
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Issue Type Feature
Project Site Support
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Priority 9
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10-17-2010 11:09 PM
Tex Tex is offline
O-F Administrator
I'm sorry but this would not work. We have already made a change however which will automatically use the default text color if someone tries to change the text to white or black. Stopping someone from changing color based on thread prefix could prevent a legitimate color change and it wouldn't really prevent new members from changing font color anyway. Additionally keeping font legible is part of the rules now, so if you see something not legible, simply report the post and we will handle it.
10-18-2010 12:14 AM
Occam's Taser
Sounds good, was just an idea

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