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Articles tab opening but articles not showing Issue Tools
issueid=1425 06-28-2019 07:24 AM
ele2png user
Articles tab opening but articles not showing
Going to the articles tab and selecting any article to read produces HTTP ERROR 500

I found this while I was trying to send a link to a fellow orbinaut on how to ask for help in the forum.

It seems that clicking on any article produces a HTTP ERROR 500.
Issue Details
Project Site Support
Status Fixed
Priority 5 - Medium
Affected Version Unknown
Fixed Version (none)
Users able to reproduce bug 1
Users unable to reproduce bug 0
Assigned Users (none)
Tags (none)

06-28-2019 07:48 PM
Puts the Fun in Dysfunctional
A custom modification to cause the first post of the article to always be displayed on paginated results needed to be updated, as a core variable type changed in vBulletin between 3.8.6 -> 3.8.11.

Fixed now, thanks for reporting!
06-29-2019 06:00 AM
ele2png user
Thank you Xyon!

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