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OHM: Force Comment on Low Rating Issue Tools
issueid=446 06-22-2010 01:25 AM
OHM: Force Comment on Low Rating

This idea stems from something I saw Dave post recently on his new ShuttleFleet 2010 beta thread:

I really don't mind the low ratings on the released package, but I do wish that if folks have a problem with the package, they would at least post their complaints/bugs/issues here. I have never been much of a fan of the changes to the rating/feedback system at OH. Anybody can trash an add-on without ever posting a reason.
Could OHM be setup such that when someone reviews an addon and rates it poorly (say, less than 3 stars), they must enter a comment that presumably will explain why. This may help addon developers like Dave in the future.
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06-22-2010 01:42 AM
Tex Tex is offline
O-F Administrator
Not very easily and I don't think people would use the rating system as much if you were forced to comment, that's part of the reason it was changed after all. While feedback is always very valuable to the developer, it shouldn't be required to simply rate in my opinion.
06-23-2010 01:35 AM
Beta Tester
So, I guess it really comes down to the function of the rating system. Is it intended to provide potential users with a objective favorability rating for the add-on, or provide users with a subjective method to rate an add-on (or the developer) that provides no real usefulness to either the other users or the developer? It's Vash's sandbox, he gets to make the rules. I was just expressing my opinion. I think that add-on developers might be more interested in honest, helpful feedback on their contributions, not anonymous, meaningless votes. Under the old system, rude, worthless comments still had to have a "signature" and could be deleted by the add-on author if he/she so desired. Now we have no control over pointless ratings that offer no meaningful feedback. If it's too hard to do, that's fine. But we should caution the potential new users that the ratings really don't mean anything regarding the quality of the add-on necessarily. Out of over 36,000 downloads for the Shuttle Fleet, there are only 14 votes. So, hypothetically, 11 votes could have rated the fleet "5", 3 votes rated it a "1" and the average of ~ "4" (as shown) would result. So, by almost 4 to 1 the votes rated the package as "excellent", but without knowing those statistics, the new users sees it as "good" because 3 people might not like me, not the add-on. Where is the usefulness in that?

Just my opinion. I take my thanks from the +36,000 downloads, not the 14 votes.
06-23-2010 03:23 AM
For users looking for a more subjective rating, they can simply click on the User Comments link which will take them straight to the relevant thread here on the forum. Granted, you can't delete those comments here like you used to be able to when the comments were held by OH, but if you find something particularly abusive or inappropriate you can use the Report Post feature so that the staff can review the post and take action if necessary.
06-23-2010 11:00 PM
Beta Tester
You've missed my point. Being able to delete offensive comments isn't the issue. For a majority of add-ons on OH, regardless of their rating, clicking on the User Comments link will take you to the Orbit Hangar page without any comments. Most of the add-ons have none. So again, ratings are meaningless without some context as to the values assigned to the rating.

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