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issueid=1239 06-03-2016 02:05 AM
Major Spacecadet

So many little things pop up but I forget to note, but a couple of things come to mind I would dearly like to see in future Orbiter releases (if I ever get that far, hardware etc...)
In SurfaceMFD I have always sorely missed a slip/yaw indicator, and a G gauge would be nice too, there would just be space too... (if it has already been changed)
and, I don't know if anyone would agree, for the sake of anti-clutter maybe some of the stock MFD's (eg. orbit & align) could be combined with a page function (I have pages of MFD's to go through!).

Another thing is with the stock DG I was having problems with the control surfaces jamming after micro freezes (caused I think by OrbiterSound and low RAM), the surfaces wouldn't return to neutral without reloading, this may already be redundant with the new code?
Looking forward to the new Orbiter
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Issue Type Feature
Project ORBITER: 2010-P1 and newer
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