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Orbiter Dan's forum and Orbiter Francophone are down Issue Tools
issueid=1000 11-04-2012 09:19 AM
Orbiter Dan's forum and Orbiter Francophone are down
just a feedback


Well it's not related to this main Orbiter Forum, but today and because the bug, there is nowhere else to tell about the problem :

The 2 differents francophones sites :
Dan's Orbiter Francophone is down for this week-end

Hoping that it's only some server or domain problem and that is will be resolved tomorrow

And Jacquesmomo's francophone addons site is down too :

that is just a feedback, there is nothing to do, just wait,
and some support message for Dansteph and Jacquesmomo
They are doing some fabulous great work for the Orbiter simulator.
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11-04-2012 10:37 AM
Lu par ailleurs sur ce forum de DanSteph :
On a side note the hard drive of my server crashed and was replaced,
I don't know how much time it will take me to be online again.
Yep, I don't need a full server reinstall yet.
Hopefully I have backups, so the data aren't in danger
at worse we'll lost 2-3 days of forum posts.

Dan doit avoir beaucoup de prorités en ce momentet il n'y a pas qu'Orbiter dans la vie ! Aussi, on fera preuve de patience et on attendra le temps qu'il faudra.
Ça nous laisse le temps de nous (re)mettre à l'anglais et de (re)lire les documentations existantes...
Merci à DanSteph et à tous les créateurs de scènes complémentaires pour la qualité du travail qu'ils tiennent gracieusement à notre disposition.
11-04-2012 12:46 PM
Ouf, c'est une bonne nouvelle, donc.
Et un rappel de + qu'un disque dur est une sauvegarde temporaire et provisoire,
le cloud également,
Seul une gravure sur au moins 2 DVD / CD / Blue-ray constitue un archivage réel.

OK, so that's a good new.
And a recall that hard drive, as like as "cloud", is only some temporary backup, but nevver an archive.
Only DVD / CD / Blueray, burned twice each, is some real data archivage, despite all that could be said about DVD lifetime..., harddrive lifetime is 10x or 100x less !

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