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issueid=1197 07-25-2015 04:55 PM
Beta Tester
Implementation details for EVENT_VESSEL_MODMESHGROUP ?

Are there any implementation details available for EVENT_VESSEL_MODMESHGROUP ? What is stored in "context" variable ? The MeshModified() method that triggers the event has three input parameters (Mesh handle, Group index and Flags).

Also, Orbiter API documentation could say something about oapiEditMeshGroup() and MeshModified() that they shouldn't be used together. oapiEditMeshGroup() already notifies a client about a change. I am assuming that MeshModified() should be used only if there is a change in a mesh template.

Also, it would be a good idea to have a vessel class method to set a mesh group transformation. (e.g. vessel->SetGroupTransform(UINT mesh_idx, UINT grp_idx, MATRIX *mTransform)) which would simply replace mesh group's current matrix with a new one without multiplying it. oapiEditMeshGroup() is often used to execute a simple rotations like creating an ADI ball where vessel->SetGroupTransform() would be more practical approach.

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Issue Type Feedback
Project ORBITER: 2010-P1 and newer
Status Open
Priority 5 - Medium
Regarding Version 100830 (2010-P1)
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