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issueid=725 02-28-2011 07:12 PM
Orbiter on wine
I need advice

I recently gave Orbiter a gold rating at wine appd. They're currently verifying my results before they're posted. The various ratings are as follows:
* Platinum
An application can be rated as Platinum if it installs and runs flawlessly ‘out of the box’. No changes required in winecfg.

* Gold
Application works flawlessly with some DLL overrides, other settings or third party software.

* Silver
Application works excellently for ‘normal’ use; a game works fine in single-player but not in multi-player, Windows Media Player works fine as a plug-in and stand-alone player, but cannot handle DRM etc.

* Bronze
Application works, but it has some issues, even for normal use; a game may not redraw properly or display fonts in wrong colours, be much slower than it should etc.

* Garbage
An application gets this rating if it cannot be used for the purpose it was designed for. There should be at least one bug report in Bugzilla if it gets this rating. Application cannot be installed, does not start, or starts but has so many errors that it is nearly impossible to use it.
I have rough drafts of howtos pertaining to using the env variable WINEDEBUG, winedbg (the wine debugger), and regression testing (bringing lost functionality forward to recent releases of wine). I'm waiting on various pieces of hardware to be delivered so I can install them. My results will be better for the howtos. Wine doesn't "like" certain hardware, software, or drivers. My goal is to produce special packages of wine for orbiter for various distributions of linux, unix, and OSX. I'm making plans to purchase a mac, I can do the rest on the hardware I have. Which brings me to my quandary. Case sensitivity is an issue for these platforms. I have accumulated the recommended addons for Orbiter 2010 listed here at the forum. I am correcting the case issues for each of them one by one, including the one's that come with their own installer. My question is what do I do with them other than keep them for myself? Also the howto's will be much too lengthy and "off topic" for cinder1992's article on installing wine. They'll be outlining a methodolgy to improving Orbiter's performance with wine with the hope that any nuggets of knowledge you glean will be posted at the install article. Finally, is Orbiter Forum the proper venue? Should I be thinking about an Orbiter on Wine blog? Post the howto's at WineHQ? I don't know what's best for Orbiter. You decide. I'll defer to your judgement.

James Whittamore
aka jimblah
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02-28-2011 11:27 PM
I recommend using your blog here on Orbiter-Forum to start with. If all goes well, we can convert your blog posts into an article, or series of articles. Give each blog entry a meaningful title, eg, "Orbiter on Wine - How to resolve case sensitivity issues", "Orbiter on Wine - How to setup OGLAClient", etc.

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