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MSVCRTD.dll issue Issue Tools
issueid=1398 02-20-2019 02:16 PM
MSVCRTD.dll issue

My computer lacks MSVCRTD.dll to open the Orbiter.exe
Orbiter version: any
Issue Details
Project ORBITER: 2010-P1 and newer
Status Cannot Reproduce
Priority 5 - Medium
Affected Version Revision denoted in description
Fixed Version (none)
Users able to reproduce bug 0
Users unable to reproduce bug 0
Assigned Users (none)
Tags (none)

03-01-2019 12:46 PM
Orbiter Founder
Is this a vanilla Orbiter 2016 installation with no addons? The orbiter.exe release version doesn't depend on MSVCRTD.dll. Are you using debug builds for any modules?
03-02-2019 08:03 AM
Any version, no matter I've used any add-ons or not! It is fixed with installing the MSVCRTD.dll.
03-02-2019 05:48 PM
Orbiter Founder
Here is the complete module list of a running Orbiter session (Orbiter 2016 release) immediately after launching the "DG Mk 4 in orbit" scenario. As you can see, there is a msvcrt.dll dependency (as expected), and also msvcr80.dll and msvcr90.dll from some older modules, but no msvcrtd.dll.

Can you post the corresponding list for your running orbiter process please? (I used Process Hacker, but other tools should offer similar functionality). Also it would help if you can use the dependency walker (depends.exe) to check which module actually introduces the msvcrtd dependency.

orbiter.exe, 0x400000, 2.5 MB, 
advapi32.dll, 0x76d70000, 644 kB, Advanced Windows 32 Base API
api-ms-win-downlevel-advapi32-l1-1-0.dll, 0x76ff0000, 20 kB, ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-downlevel-advapi32-l2-1-0.dll, 0x72fc0000, 16 kB, ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-downlevel-normaliz-l1-1-0.dll, 0x76e20000, 12 kB, ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-downlevel-ole32-l1-1-0.dll, 0x75490000, 16 kB, ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-downlevel-shell32-l1-1-0.dll, 0x67690000, 16 kB, ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-downlevel-shlwapi-l1-1-0.dll, 0x76fe0000, 16 kB, ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-downlevel-shlwapi-l2-1-0.dll, 0x72f90000, 16 kB, ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-downlevel-user32-l1-1-0.dll, 0x76af0000, 16 kB, ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-downlevel-version-l1-1-0.dll, 0x75010000, 16 kB, ApiSet Stub DLL
apisetschema.dll, 0x40000, 4 kB, ApiSet Schema DLL
apphelp.dll, 0x70440000, 304 kB, Application Compatibility Client Library
arial.ttf, 0xb8c0000, 756 kB, 
Ariel.dll, 0x9330000, 32 kB, 
AtlantisConfig.dll, 0x10000000, 24 kB, 
AtmConfig.dll, 0x46d0000, 28 kB, 
AudioSes.dll, 0x64c00000, 216 kB, Audio Session
avrt.dll, 0x67540000, 28 kB, Multimedia Realtime Runtime
bcrypt.dll, 0x72fa0000, 92 kB, Windows Cryptographic Primitives Library (Wow64)
Callisto.dll, 0x91a0000, 24 kB, 
cfgmgr32.dll, 0x77310000, 156 kB, Configuration Manager DLL
clbcatq.dll, 0x75140000, 524 kB, COM+ Configuration Catalog
comctl32.dll, 0x70520000, 1.62 MB, User Experience Controls Library
counters.dat, 0x7020000, 4 kB, 
crypt32.dll, 0x76eb0000, 1.13 MB, Crypto API32
cryptbase.dll, 0x74fa0000, 48 kB, Base cryptographic API DLL
cryptsp.dll, 0x6fa50000, 92 kB, Cryptographic Service Provider API
d2d1.dll, 0x66220000, 3.28 MB, Microsoft D2D Library
d3d10warp.dll, 0x66030000, 1.91 MB, Direct3D 10 Rasterizer
d3d11.dll, 0x6e090000, 1.46 MB, Direct3D 11 Runtime
d3dim700.dll, 0x66570000, 816 kB, Microsoft Direct3D
dciman32.dll, 0x6fa00000, 24 kB, DCI Manager
ddraw.dll, 0x6f510000, 924 kB, Microsoft DirectDraw
ddraw.dll.mui, 0x2c20000, 4 kB, Microsoft DirectDraw
Deimos.dll, 0x90e0000, 32 kB, 
DeltaGlider.dll, 0x93d0000, 336 kB, 
devobj.dll, 0x764a0000, 72 kB, Device Information Set DLL
DGConfigurator.dll, 0x4810000, 24 kB, 
dinput.dll, 0x676a0000, 148 kB, Microsoft DirectInput
Dione.dll, 0x9270000, 24 kB, 
dwmapi.dll, 0x6f2d0000, 76 kB, Microsoft Desktop Window Manager API
DWrite.dll, 0x63ce0000, 1.21 MB, Microsoft DirectX Typography Services
dxgi.dll, 0x72fe0000, 304 kB, DirectX Graphics Infrastructure
dxgidebug.dll, 0x731c0000, 116 kB, DXGI Debug Binary
Earth.dll, 0x2d00000, 24 kB, 
EarthAtmJ71G.dll, 0x2d20000, 36 kB, 
Enceladus.dll, 0x9230000, 24 kB, 
Europa.dll, 0x9160000, 24 kB, 
Galsat.dll, 0x9120000, 48 kB, 
Ganymede.dll, 0x9180000, 24 kB, 
gdi32.dll, 0x757b0000, 576 kB, GDI Client DLL
hhctrl.ocx, 0x673e0000, 528 kB, Microsoft® HTML Help Control
hid.dll, 0x68c40000, 36 kB, Hid User Library
Iapetus.dll, 0x92d0000, 24 kB, 
ieframe.dll, 0x64c40000, 13.07 MB, Internet Browser
ieframe.dll.mui, 0x4030000, 1.54 MB, Internet Browser
iertutil.dll, 0x77010000, 2.21 MB, Run time utility for Internet Explorer
imm32.dll, 0x76a90000, 384 kB, Multi-User Windows IMM32 API Client DLL
Io.dll, 0x9140000, 24 kB, 
IPHLPAPI.DLL, 0x709c0000, 112 kB, IP Helper API
itss.dll, 0x67660000, 152 kB, Microsoft® InfoTech Storage System Library
jscript9.dll, 0x65bd0000, 4.32 MB, Microsoft ® JScript
Jupiter.dll, 0x9100000, 28 kB, 
kernel32.dll, 0x76c10000, 1.06 MB, Windows NT BASE API Client DLL
KernelBase.dll, 0x76d20000, 284 kB, Windows NT BASE API Client DLL
ksuser.dll, 0x67650000, 16 kB, User CSA Library
l3codeca.acm, 0x64be0000, 72 kB, MPEG Layer-3 Audio Codec for MSACM
l3codeca.acm.mui, 0x2cf0000, 4 kB, MPEG Layer-3 Audio Codec for MSACM
locale.nls, 0xc0000, 412 kB, 
lpk.dll, 0x77000000, 40 kB, Language Pack
lua5.1.dll, 0x9440000, 112 kB, 
LuaInline.dll, 0x9460000, 32 kB, 
LuaInterpreter.dll, 0x9480000, 236 kB, 
Mars.dll, 0x3230000, 24 kB, 
MarsAtm2006.dll, 0x3250000, 24 kB, 
Mercury.dll, 0x9d20000, 24 kB, 
midimap.dll, 0x673c0000, 28 kB, Microsoft MIDI Mapper
Mimas.dll, 0x9210000, 24 kB, 
Miranda.dll, 0x9310000, 32 kB, 
mlang.dll, 0x67550000, 184 kB, Multi Language Support DLL
MMDevAPI.dll, 0x672d0000, 228 kB, MMDevice API
MMDevAPI.dll.mui, 0x2cc0000, 4 kB, MMDevice API
Moon.dll, 0x2d40000, 40 kB, 
msacm32.dll, 0x6f800000, 80 kB, Microsoft ACM Audio Filter
msacm32.dll.mui, 0x2ce0000, 8 kB, Microsoft ACM Audio Filter
msacm32.drv, 0x673d0000, 32 kB, Microsoft Sound Mapper
msasn1.dll, 0x77300000, 48 kB, ASN.1 Runtime APIs
msctf.dll, 0x77340000, 820 kB, MSCTF Server DLL
msctf.dll.mui, 0x210000, 4 kB, MSCTF Server DLL
mshtml.dll, 0x5d320000, 20.38 MB, Microsoft (R) HTML Viewer
MSIMGSIZ.DAT, 0x7040000, 48 kB, 
msimtf.dll, 0x68c30000, 44 kB, Active IMM Server DLL
msls31.dll, 0x67580000, 196 kB, Microsoft Line Services library file
msvcp90.dll, 0x6f820000, 568 kB, Microsoft® C++ Runtime Library
msvcr80.dll, 0x6f3b0000, 620 kB, Microsoft® C Runtime Library
msvcr90.dll, 0x72640000, 652 kB, Microsoft® C Runtime Library
msvcrt.dll, 0x75070000, 688 kB, Windows NT CRT DLL
Neptune.dll, 0x93b0000, 24 kB, 
nlaapi.dll, 0x6fba0000, 64 kB, Network Location Awareness 2
normaliz.dll, 0x774a0000, 12 kB, Unicode Normalization DLL
nsi.dll, 0x75060000, 24 kB, NSI User-mode interface DLL
ntdll.dll, 0x776d0000, 1.62 MB, NT Layer DLL
ntdll.dll, 0x77890000, 1.5 MB, NT Layer DLL
ntmarta.dll, 0x6ff30000, 132 kB, Windows NT MARTA provider
nvd3dum.dll, 0x5c4d0000, 14.31 MB, NVIDIA WDDM D3D Driver, Version 388.43 
Oberon.dll, 0x9390000, 32 kB, 
ole32.dll, 0x751d0000, 1.37 MB, Microsoft OLE for Windows
oleacc.dll, 0x708e0000, 240 kB, Active Accessibility Core Component
oleaccrc.dll, 0x70a0000, 4 kB, Active Accessibility Resource DLL
oleaut32.dll, 0x75670000, 580 kB, 
Phobos.dll, 0x90c0000, 32 kB, 
powrprof.dll, 0x6f2a0000, 148 kB, Power Profile Helper DLL
profapi.dll, 0x764c0000, 44 kB, User Profile Basic API
propsys.dll, 0x73220000, 980 kB, Microsoft Property System
psapi.dll, 0x75840000, 20 kB, Process Status Helper
Rhea.dll, 0x9290000, 24 kB, 
riched20.dll, 0x6ebd0000, 472 kB, Rich Text Edit Control, v3.1
rpcrt4.dll, 0x76b00000, 960 kB, Remote Procedure Call Runtime
RpcRtRemote.dll, 0x70210000, 56 kB, Remote RPC Extension
rsaenh.dll, 0x6fa10000, 236 kB, Microsoft Enhanced Cryptographic Provider
Satsat.dll, 0x91f0000, 52 kB, 
Saturn.dll, 0x91d0000, 28 kB, 
sechost.dll, 0x76bf0000, 100 kB, Host for SCM/SDDL/LSA Lookup APIs
secur32.dll, 0x72fd0000, 32 kB, Security Support Provider Interface
setupapi.dll, 0x754d0000, 1.61 MB, Windows Setup API
shell32.dll, 0x75850000, 12.3 MB, Windows Shell Common Dll
shell32.dll.mui, 0xcac0000, 368 kB, Windows Shell Common Dll
shlwapi.dll, 0x75430000, 348 kB, Shell Light-weight Utility Library
ShuttleA.dll, 0xfdb0000, 1.28 MB, 
ShuttlePB.dll, 0x9880000, 44 kB, 
SortDefault.nls, 0x2910000, 2.81 MB, 
sspicli.dll, 0x74fb0000, 384 kB, Security Support Provider Interface
StaticCache.dat, 0x3560000, 9.31 MB, 
Sun.dll, 0x3530000, 24 kB, 
Tethys.dll, 0x9250000, 24 kB, 
Titan.dll, 0x92b0000, 24 kB, 
Titania.dll, 0x9370000, 32 kB, 
UIAutomationCore.dll, 0x65b40000, 560 kB, Microsoft UI Automation Core
Umbriel.dll, 0x9350000, 32 kB, 
Uranus.dll, 0x92f0000, 24 kB, 
urlmon.dll, 0x76940000, 1.31 MB, OLE32 Extensions for Win32
urlmon.dll.mui, 0xba0000, 48 kB, OLE32 Extensions for Win32
user32.dll, 0x75330000, 1 MB, Multi-User Windows USER API Client DLL
user32.dll.mui, 0x170000, 20 kB, Multi-User Windows USER API Client DLL
userenv.dll, 0x75120000, 92 kB, Userenv
usp10.dll, 0x75710000, 628 kB, Uniscribe Unicode script processor
uxtheme.dll, 0x70490000, 512 kB, Microsoft UxTheme Library
Venus.dll, 0xb010000, 24 kB, 
VenusAtm2006.dll, 0xb030000, 24 kB, 
version.dll, 0x706d0000, 36 kB, Version Checking and File Installation Libraries
Vsop87.dll, 0x3550000, 32 kB, 
wdmaud.drv, 0x65b10000, 192 kB, Winmm  audio system driver
wdmaud.drv.mui, 0x2cb0000, 4 kB, Winmm  audio system driver
webio.dll, 0x6fbb0000, 320 kB, Web Transfer Protocols API
WindowsCodecs.dll, 0x736a0000, 1.19 MB, Microsoft Windows Codecs Library
winhttp.dll, 0x6fc00000, 352 kB, Windows HTTP Services
wininet.dll, 0x764d0000, 4.21 MB, Internet Extensions for Win32
winmm.dll, 0x6f910000, 200 kB, MCI API DLL
winnsi.dll, 0x70990000, 28 kB, Network Store Information RPC interface
wintrust.dll, 0x754a0000, 188 kB, Microsoft Trust Verification APIs
Wldap32.dll, 0x772b0000, 276 kB, Win32 LDAP API DLL
wow64.dll, 0x72920000, 252 kB, Win32 Emulation on NT64
wow64cpu.dll, 0x74de0000, 32 kB, AMD64 Wow64 CPU 
wow64win.dll, 0x728c0000, 368 kB, Wow64 Console and Win32 API Logging
{AFBF9F1A-8EE8-4C77-AF34-C647E37CA0D9}.1.ver0x0000000000000878.db, 0x9dc0000, 136 kB, 
~FontCache-FontFace.dat, 0x9e40000, 16 MB, 
~FontCache-S-1-5-21-3524363634-3251086834-3283069287-1000.dat, 0xb0c0000, 8 MB, 
~FontCache-System.dat, 0x8170000, 576 kB,

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