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Entry Point Not Found - OrbiterSound.DLL Issue Tools
issueid=1448 09-21-2019 11:38 AM
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Entry Point Not Found - OrbiterSound.DLL
Issue when loading Orbiter Launch Pad

Hello, I've been trying to figure out how this issue started upon loading Orbiter Launchpad I get a popup dialog box on my screen stating " The procedure entry point could not be located in the dynamic link library.

"[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] "
C:\users\RICO\Desktop\Orbiter2010\Modules\Plugin\O rbiterSound.dll.

============================ ERROR: ===========================
Failed loading module Modules\Plugin\OrbiterSound.dll (code 127)
[Orbiter::LoadModule | .\Orbiter.cpp | 612]
================================================== =============

I've re-installed my Orbiter 2010 P2 version 111105 and continue to have the same issue. This issue seems to also be effecting my XR2 addon which isn't loading instead orbiter crashes to the desktop stating in the orbiter log.
I've attempted loading the X-R2 and X-R5 in different scenarios and each craft cant be seen when in external view.

Finished initialising world
============================ ERROR: ===========================
Could not load vessel module: XR2Ravenstar
[Vessel::LoadModule | .\Vessel.cpp | 5455]
================================================== =============

No issues in the latest versions of Orbiter 2016.

Please help thanks
Issue Details
Project ORBITER: 2010-P1 and newer
Status Not a Bug
Priority 3
Affected Version 121103
Fixed Version (none)
Users able to reproduce bug 1
Users unable to reproduce bug 0
Assigned Users (none)
Tags (none)

09-21-2019 07:44 PM
Orbiter Founder
To my knowledge, OrbiterSound doesn't support any Orbiter version beyond the 2010-P1 release (100830), so won't work with 111105 or any other later builds.

In any case, using addons with non-release beta versions such as 111105 is almost guaranteed not to work. This includes the XR addons. If you use a version that was linked against the latest release version (Orbiter 2016) it won't work with Orbiter 2010 or any beta versions between. You may still find a version for 100830, but probably not for 111105.

Is there any particular reason you are using an 8-year old obsolete beta build?
09-21-2019 10:33 PM
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Addon Developer = Media Render

Thanks for the quick response, You do have a point why am I still using an 8 year old version. A few addons I still like to use are the Demolition Charge cargo and Energy launcher. In orbiter 2016 the demolition charge after 6 minutes of detonation fires off at a high speed in one direction instead of exploding in its spot. If this addon worked properly in 2016 I would retire the working version of 2010 p1. Is it possible someone could work with me to resolve this minor issue ?


PS since I like to use the XR's in orbiter which version of Orbiter would you recommend I install ?
09-22-2019 11:38 AM
Orbiter Founder
You seem to have answered your question yourself. Since you are relying on addons which haven't been updated to Orbiter 2016, use Orbiter 2010-P1 (100830). You may have to dig a bit to find the corresponding XR package, since the official website only supports the latest 2016 release.

If you want to use Orbiter with any addons at all, only use release versions, never beta versions. Beta versions are incompatible with addons linked against any release version (as you have seen), may be incompatible with associated data files (e.g. planetary textures, etc.) and are potentially unstable. They are intended for testing, and become obsolete as soon as the next beta is uploaded.

You can of course always install multiple release versions if required.
09-25-2019 03:23 AM
PDF PDF is offline
Addon Developer = Media Render
Martin I want to advise this issue has now been resolved.

Thank you for your response.

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