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Posting executable files Issue Tools
issueid=1310 12-17-2016 11:04 PM
Addon Developer
Posting executable files
Is posting of non-Orbiter-related executable files allowed?

So for the past few years, on and off (mostly off) I've been writing a railway signal simulator program, mostly just for the fun of it. I'd like to share this with the communities I am part of now, and because I received a little bit of help with one part of it from here. Does O-F have an official policy on users including executable attachments (inside a .zip file in this case), or links to executable files in posts especially when they aren't Orbiter-related? As a developer myself, I am fully aware of the caution required when doing so. Further, I'd like to note that I have no intention of using O-F to host this program for others, any sharing outside of O-F will be handled on those sites or from a generic file hosting site (I may go the latter route regardless). I simply wish to share something that may be of interest to the people on here.

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12-18-2016 02:53 PM
Puts the Fun in Dysfunctional
Provided the executable you're uploading isn't malicious, which I'm sure it isn't, you're free to upload it here as an attachment; this might not be the most flexible solution for you, however.
12-19-2016 04:07 AM
Addon Developer
Thanks, Xyon! I think I'll go with Google Drive anyways, but I'm glad to know I can post it here!
12-19-2016 02:50 PM
Puts the Fun in Dysfunctional
Well, as someone interested in the topic of that software, do share a link when it's ready

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