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issueid=1203 09-15-2015 08:13 AM
Tutorial translator
Bug tracker page rearrangement
Just a memo, really.

As Martin noted here:
...there won't be any more updates to the 2010-P1 version, and any bugs still present there will remain forever. So de-facto the bug tracker now is for the beta version (which makes the title of the issue list a bit confusing, admittedly)...
(emphasis added by me)

I was thinking that the bug tracker page needs an updated title and maybe some up-to-date instructions too.

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09-15-2015 03:31 PM
orb orb is offline
O-F Administrator
The project wasn't dedicated just for the 2010-P1 version (or at least I haven't treated it this way) already starting from September 3, 2010, when the 1st post 2010-P1 public beta was released. The name has been rather a denotation of the minimum version for which reports/feedback should be made (as people still have been using older versions of Orbiter).

There has been already a change made to the project on December 3, 2012, which added a new special entry for the Orbiter version number: "Revision denoted in description", as there was no sense of adding every new version after each new SVN update being pushed, and the consensus was also to not create a new project for the Orbiter Beta but to use the existing one.

If the issue here simply is with the project's title, that people may see it as being a tracker only for ORBITER 2010-P1 and not any newer version, it can be changed simply to "ORBITER", as also all the instances of "2010" (which weren't even updated after release of "P1") can be removed from the description of the project, too.
09-15-2015 03:57 PM
orb orb is offline
O-F Administrator
I've made the following changes to the text of the project:
  1. The title has been updated with added:
    and newer
  2. 2 lines of the description have been edited to add:
    -P1 release (or later beta)
If these changes are satisfactory, the next change can be made after the next Orbiter release officially marked as stable (i.e. without the "beta" tag attached).
09-19-2015 09:51 AM
Tutorial translator
Originally Posted by orb
 ...If these changes are satisfactory...
They are for me. Thanks.

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