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  • Hi Craig, I'm sorry I only just noticed this message - apologies for the delay in replying!

    I'm on XP SP 3. I noticed 3DConnexion released a new beta driver but I can't install it on my system - it keeps telling me to uninstall the current version, which then fails halfway through, so I'm left with v 3.13.

    Anyway, with Orbiter recognising the Space Navigator, (connect via the sixdegrees module; 'spaceball active' displayed in the debug message bottom left) the 3D driver is left on "any application" and the axes are configured correctly, without me needing to make any adjustments.

    The only changes are to the button assignments. I can't get the 3D driver 'custom function' to work with Orbiter keystrokes. I think button 11 assignment is KillRot. I think I set mine up with the left button to 'Decrease Sensitivity' which equates to using CTRL for vernier style RCS.

    Hope this helps. If I get the beta driver working I'll come back to it.

    Cheers WE
    I'm running Orbiter 2010 on Windows 7 x64 with the a 3Dconnexion digital mouse. 3Dconnexion just released some new drivers and I was wondering if you could walk me through your setup? I now have Orbiter recognizing the 3D mouse, but I'm not sure how to configure the axes properly.
    Thank you,
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