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    Project Nameless Shuttle Project (name is the less important)

    Good morning everyone a greetings from Spain. I already have hailed the probe many years ago, so no need to repeat the process I feel :)hailprobe:). A lot of time have passed since I re-re-rediscovered Orbiter by learning how to develop new content and have fun with this simulator. I think...
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    Hello from Spain.

    Yes, it's right, Phantom. Thanks to all for this pleasant welcome.:cheers: See you. P.D.: Ups! I almost forgot it...:hailprobe:
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    Hello from Spain.

    Hi all from Spain. I'm Fernando, one of millions of millions of millions of fans of space adventures. I found in Orbiter Space Flight Simulator the way of making real my dreams in many ways about space vessels and hours of enjoying adventures. Of course I'm new here and in Orbiter, and I...