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  • DG IV, it shouldn't be hard, because we have a source code of Dragonfly. I'll look at that when I have a time.
    Vchamp,I know your busy But Could you make a Ummu Dragonfly? I would do it my self but i'm just not sure how.
    Sorry, guys. I need more spare time. Trying to learn Blender now to make something new.
    Hello, love the VCs!

    They add an extra dimension that really makes the Orbiter experience even better; thanks!

    Any chance of getting one for the DG-EX?

    I'm trying to locate JH who created the BBC Pegasus model for Orbiter. You've done an addition. Basically, I've been playing with his mesh while learning Google Sketch-up and I would like to talk to him about his work. If it works out, I'll be learning about configs, etc. to take care of animations.

    After that, it'll be an attempt to get it to work in 2010 and with the related add-ons.

    Thanks for any help!

    Craig H
    Your TotalImmersion VC's are incredible. You should totally make one for the soyuz tma addon! That would be insane!
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