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    What music are you listening to?

    ZZ Top If you have a Netflix account, there's a great ZZ Top documentary. It kind of spoils the mysticism, though. So decide whether or not you want the band to become like real people first! Dan
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    Software Wine runs smoothly, then crashes after ~25 minutes

    Good day, all. Hope everyone is doing well and that you are healthy. I posted this on Ubuntu forums under the Wine posts. But I haven't had any luck. If anybody is wise on this topic, I would greatly appreciate your help! I've been using Orbiter for a number of years now. Now that Windows 7 is...
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    Tell us about yourself!

    Back, after a few years Hello, world! Dan here, from Maryland, USA. I am back from an Orbiter hiatus. Kids have a way of keeping you busy. :lol: And I have two. Now they're a little older, and I have a little time to get back into it. I'm an engineer by training. I have my private pilot's...