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    Hello from Germany!

    Welcome! Enviado desde mi iPad utilizando Tapatalk
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    OHM Hayabusa 2

    Thank you BrianJ for this christmas present.:tiphat:
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    Problem Minotaur V1.0-Can't see the rocket

    Everyone that wants to help me providing payloads or the config file for the fairing (no FAIRING_1 and FAIRING_2) post here your works. Thanks for your help.:thumbup:
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    Problem Minotaur V1.0-Can't see the rocket

    Of course, this is a beta. Try it and think about help me or no. Needs Minotaur V1.0 and LADEE installed.
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    It's repaired. Thank you!
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    I can't get to work the reaction wheels. Help me!:thumbup:
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    Next mission?

    Oh man, I need more DGIV training and less addon repairing.
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    OHM SpaceX launch vehicles and Dragon

    I have a problem. The second stage of the Falcon Heavy explodes every time I try to use it in space. There is a solution?
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    Question Username origins

    My username is: Mine- for Minecraft, Gamer- for gamer, and 32 because is my lucky number. Originally, my name was to be TheMinecraftRocket, but the name was too long for Asphalt: Injection.
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    An SSTO as "God and Robert Heinlein intended".

    Thanks, orbitingpluto! I work with it in Christmas, because I'm studying and working on the Pegasus (I have the Stargazer, Pegasus, Iris, Ibex and Aim payloads working properly, but Aim's solar panels don't work):facepalm: And I have to finish the repairing of the Minotaur I add-on.
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    OHM B-58 and Project Townhall v1.0

    Thanks for the very useful Minuteman parts. I've maked a satellite launcher with performance similar to Taurus/Minotaur-C putting a Castor-120 as the first stage, and the Minuteman stages as stages 2,3,4. :thumbup: Why do you don't do a Peacekeeper add-on, or a Pegasus? Would be awesome and I...
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    An SSTO as "God and Robert Heinlein intended".

    And using composite structure and tanks? Is possible, the Titan II used hypergolic propellants. And i've selected the LR-87-11 engine because -obviously- it's updated and that means more thrust.
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    Problem Minotaur V1.0-Can't see the rocket

    The DLL only. I push on with a project to revive Alex's addons. Is possible, the meshes and textures are still usable. I've maked a config file based on LADEE and use the meshes and textures. Result: It works well, but I can't use the fairing because it's separated in two meshes. I need: 1st...
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    An SSTO as "God and Robert Heinlein intended".

    Why don't make a winged spaceplane (fully loaded and fueled) that weights the same as a Titan II first stage (without motors) and we equip it with an LR-87-11 engine? That's a possible SSTO?
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    Question With whom would you eat dinner?

    1. John F. Kennedy (best president in history) 2. Carlos Santana (the master of guitar) 3. The crew of Apollo 8 (Borman, Lovell and Anders) And the ladies: 1. My girlfriend 2. Cindy Blackman 3. Jackie Kennedy HAIL PROBE! :hailprobe: