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    OHM MultiBase-5

    Where is MultiBase-1? You say that your bases needs MultiBase-1, but you have MultiBase-2,4,5... Various MultiBases. But do not have MultiBase-1 for download.:facepalm: :rofl:
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    What music are you listening to?

    Songs Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis.
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    OHM Relaxation Dome

    No Problem.:thumbup:
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    Hi I have your previous addon of Europa program. Congratulations for you! Your addon is an excellent job. :thumbup: :cheers: I would like to know if this version is diferent or have just the english manual added. Sorry about my english, but I don't speak french. Only english and...
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    You know you're addicted to Orbiter when...

    Wow! 170Gb? :jawdrops:
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    You know you're addicted to Orbiter when...

    When your Orbiter Instalation has more than 7Gb. :bananadance:
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    Orbiter in your life

    The average people dislikes Orbiter, because they think it's a game. A friend of mine asked me "how many levels are in this game?", "no enemies?" They do not know the diference betwen a game and a simulator. And Orbiter is a simulator. One day, someone said: "You are accelerating...
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    OHM Relaxation Dome

    Not a joke. I really added a breathable area.:thumbup: ---------- Post added at 05:02 AM ---------- Previous post was at 04:54 AM ---------- Yes, it is. :thumbup:
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    OHM Map 3D MFD v0.7a

    Wow Amazing MFD! A MUST HAVE addon!:hailprobe:
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    OHM Relaxation Dome

    Breathable area I just added a breatheble area here. I can send you the file if you want. :hotcool:
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    OHM Li'l Red Rover

    QUE DIABO É ISSO? :rofl:
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    OHM Failed Earth

    He simply put mars texture on earth, and vice versa. It sucks... -.-
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    OHM Vostok

    One of the best addons I ever tried! Congratulations!!!:hail::salute::thumbup:
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    Thank You! This is an excellent addon! I downloaded all your addons, but this is very interesting. 5 vessels for you!:thumbup: