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    Canadian astronaut preps for record space mission

    Man, spending over a year on one of those stations must wear you down. I hope they let you take a few books for the trip, at least.
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    Request Apollo playbacks/tutorials?

    I had NASSP already, but I'm sure these files will help a lot. Thanks!
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    Internet Opera: I am *impressed*...

    More and more, I see people using Firefox instead of the IE that came installed on their PCs. Microsoft should get the hint and either make IE not horrible or get rid of the damned thing.
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    Ah, I'd missed that. Thanks for the help. I can't travel through space without the right music, after all.
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    How do you cycle through the mp3s while in external view mode? I read the document provided in the mp3 folder, but using Shift-R/N/P like it says doesn't work.
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    Gaming Video games you want to see turned into movies

    I'd love to see a Thief movie, but I just know Hollywood would screw that up somehow. Well, just as long as they keep it away from Uwe Boll.
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    Request Apollo playbacks/tutorials?

    I'm looking for a playback tutorial for one of the lunar Apollo missions. I've looked around and have plenty of scenarios, but I can't seem to find any playbacks of this kind. Thanks for the help.