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    AMSO AMSO for Orbiter 2016 released

    That's amazing! I just spend a LOT of time in AMSO 2010 half a year ago calculating all of that transfers, searching for rock samples and enjoing a great views. And then I migrated to Orbiter 2016 completely, erasing Orbiter 2010, and I thought that I never more will see outstanding views of...
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    Well, all Orbiter parameters is the same, also I've tried to move whole hi-res Earth texture folder to a clean install - no changes, all is ok. This is the point where I simply give up. I decided to not test by moving planet by planet to a clean install and changing sol.cfg one by one, because...
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    Hmm, now that's interesting. I tried clean install with only D3D9, Multistage2015 and Osiris-REX installed and yes, Bennu presence has no such an effect. Also when I tried to remove "Bennu/elev" folder from "full-mod" installation, it worked - no underground pads on Earth was anymore! But...
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    Yes it definitely doesn't affect Moon, and I noticed that this "underground" effect exist only if I load scenario where vehicle is landed. For example "DG-S ready for takeoff.scn" or "Cape Canaveral.scn". If I load scenarios with DG orbiting or landed on Moon's base and move it to the Earth'...
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    Hi Brian, thanks for your outstanding mods, top quality at all! But I only have a problem with Bennu, I describes it here: Shortly - when I add Bennu (as Planet13) in sol.cfg, landing pads and vehicles on Earth "sticks" to sea level. Any...
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    Problem Pads & vehicles are "grounded" on sea level

    Suddenly on my Orbiter 2016 installation all landing pads, textured runways and grounded vehicles in scenarios are "sticked" to sea level, not to elevations maps. Example on screenshot is Ascension Island 2016 mod base, but this problem is everythere on the Earth (and it seems on Earth only -...
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    Support About SSU 4.2

    I think a good starting point in understanding the STS project is to try Space Shuttle Mission 2007 simulator: It doesn't have a cut-edge graphics, and physics particulary looks simplified, but it offers a good range of real-shuttle...
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    Orbiter Video Thread

    Of course, it's not a real proper RTLS procedure, as I ascend directly up, actually I've tested some other things, but you know, that "everythere-appearing" J-key... ;) So my horizontal speed was zero, but it made things (especially things mentioned in title of the video) more intensive...
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    Happy Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017!

    Happy New Year! Let's make 2017 bright and peaceful! :cheers: HYFQQB9vqPw
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    News Carrie Fisher Dies at 60

    RIP, most beautiful and brave princess in the Universe.
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    Tutorial Stock Atlantis launching to ISS and returning to KSC // Video tutorial [EN & RU]

    Thanks for info, I didn't knew this. Well, it's good that we don't have state borders in Orbiter. ;) BTW, speaking of falling paths, it seems that in Orbiter for ISS rendezvous it's better to launch shuttle to ascending though the southern hemisphere, because in this case external tank falls...
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    Tutorial Stock Atlantis launching to ISS and returning to KSC // Video tutorial [EN & RU]

    You mean, it was supposed to be launched at this point... ...instead of this?
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    Hello from Russia!

    Well, we learn English language in school for a few years (at age from 10 to 16), and so it was from Soviet times (sometimes it was French or German instead of English, but it's a rare cases), so yes, usually we have a good base knowledge. And in modern world English is an international language...