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    New Release Launch Sounds for the Space Shuttle

    Fantastic work sir! From SAS~Monty27, the original compiler of BAT, I salute this tremendous work. Absolutely love this important Orbiter STS Tribute and Historic Record. I will stay posted for updates as and when...
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    General Question Turning off Info Boxes in corners of screen

    What an excellent tip, thank you very much!
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    OHM NASA_747_SCA

    Thanks for sharing your efforts David. This is great work; the working undercarriage is much appreciated, good animation, and it will be feasible to fly Ferry and ALT missions with this great combo. However, with respect, despite the improved textures and 3D, why not go for D3D9 Client...
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    OHM B737 at KSC

    The wrong file is now linked here: Desciption: B737 at KSC Download:
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    Support Reenter earth,and Land Donamys Resolve

    Thanks for the tip-off, what a great new ship!