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    Project New Shuttle

    So far, the design of the tail and the nose section remind me of a dolphin. You could call it that. I don't know if that's exactly "majestic". :) So long, and thanks for all the fish!
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    Trying to "create" an equation

    Thanks Izack and Martin. I have to say Martin, you've gone quite a bit over my head there. It's as if I'm here on the ground and you're somewhere up in orbit. :) Izack to some degree as well. (I had to look up what a ~ meant, so you can imagine how my head feels after looking at Martin's...
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    Trying to "create" an equation

    Trying to "create" an equation. And failing miserably. I've been working on a science fiction story for a ridiculously long amount of time, and I'm trying to nail down the properties of a particular piece of fictional technology. I'd like to do this as accurately as I can, to the point where an...
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    Poll Does God exist? Is science true ? (Multiple choice!)

    I've got a question. Does anyone believe that there is any amount of logic or reason, from any side of the argument, that is sufficient to change the mind of a person who is already certain in what they believe? These sort of arguments tend to go on and on with no resolution. Also, I like to...
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    Flight Question Aerobraking on earth is hard

    I actually did some trial and error with this, using a DGIV coming back from the Moon. I did a quicksave while I was on my way towards Earth, but far enough away that it was still really easy to adjust periapsis with just the RCS thrusters. Then I could just keep trying different values until I...
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    TransX Graphics Glitch

    I'll second this request. I've experienced the same thing (or something very similar). It may have something to do with the Map MFD (just a random guess), as well as when the stage changes automatically. The reason I suspect the Map MFD is because when the glitch occurs, the text in TransX gets...
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    Sealing a Centrifuge?

    I was thinking about artificial gravity on a spacecraft, particularly a spinning section, and how to deal with pressurizing it. When the entire craft is spun (or a craft with 2 tethered sections that tumbles), no big deal. It's sealed anyway. Same thing when you've got a centrifuge that's...
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    Flight Question How to turn the Delta-Glider XR1?

    It sounds like you just need some more experience flying things that don't behave like high-performance jet fighters. It's more like flying a Cessna or a passenger jet. Don't bother with the rudder; bank gently, and keep the nose up by pulling back (elevon/elevator). Pay attention to the...
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    The Solar Truss Module (Solar Truss Module) has a shiny surface to begin with, so I took a screenshot with it at the right angle. Then in Photoshop I did some adjustments (Levels), then duplicated the layer so I could add a lens flare to the duplicate. I used the "105mm Prime" type of lens...
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    With a second XR5 launch, I've finished Phase II of my Space Station Ikaros. There's a longer main truss, a second radiator and solar panel array, and a couple more PMAs. A Dragonfly was brought up to assist in the assembly, and now remains docked to the station. I did a much better job flying...
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    I'm jumping on the bandwagon and building my own little space station. It's called Ikaros, and most of the modules I'm using come from the Orbiter Francophone site. I'm launching it with the XR5 so I can get it built somewhat quickly, and I've equipped the XR5 with Kulch's RMS arm. The station...
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    It's a Pelican dropship from the Halo universe.
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    Favorite Fighter Planes?

    From WWII my favorite is the P-38... I just like the way it looks. I also like the looks of the F-18. The A-10 is probably one of my favorite planes, just for its pure utility and toughness. I also like the new F-35B. I hope it can do a good job like the Harrier.
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    Total Lunar Eclipse tonight

    Can someone please get this blasted atmosphere out of my way? It is blocking the sky.
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    Question What are you reading?

    I just finished reading Ender's Game (yes, I have some catching up to do with all the sci-fi classics). I read The Forever War before that. Both are excellent.