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    Putting a face to the name

    gee Urwumpe i thought you had blond hair judging by ur avatar in a well known answers forum i cant post my pic because i have posted my name Posting my pic would make it easier to the Greek Police to id me
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    It can be released even if it is not ready :P and patches will follow up
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    General Question Is Orbiter dead?

    grab your beta here since the new version is named Orbiter 2009 it will be released within 5 months
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    How did you find Orbiter?

    I was searching for free space flight simulators starting with "O" and i found it !!
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    OHM Station Shipyard

    the attach restrictions , the red arrows that imply that the 2 parts are incompartible to be attached in that position.
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    OHM Station Shipyard

    using the standart orbiter mesh specification ; importing orbiter meshes The attachment points could be defined using .cfg files or within your 3d prog and remove the Restrictions - allow the user to freely attach parts
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    Space Shuttle Ultra 1.25 Revision B development

    How can you do that ? you are not a moderator
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    OHM Station Shipyard

    impressed 10/10 stars i think it's a MUST to allow importing user-made parts ... yep its a MUST
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    General Question velocity vector - Is this a bug ?

    i'm utterly confused but Fizyk's explanation sounds reasonable so i wont post it on the bug section.:hotcool:
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    General Question velocity vector - Is this a bug ?

    When i switch from surface to orbit HUD the velocity vector (the circle with a cross inside ) is not at the same point , in my opinion it should. I was thinking of posting this to the bug section but i am not sure if it's a bug
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    Why you like Orbiter

    i like orbiter because it gives me the chance to make a real-time mini journey around the globe and view the planet from above , i only wish the graphics to be more realistic for that purpose.
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    Scientist criticizes NASA's plans for manned space flight

    Quoting from the video 3:30 "..and i hope the station becomes extraordinary scientifically productive but it is NOT today.. " reflects my beliefs that the iss is decoration and wont be useful even in the future, after all he knows much more than me :P
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    Earth shine algorithm

    @tblaxland The idea is to find the percentage of the illuminated surface to the vessel's visual 3d sphere. we find the percentage of the bright side to the planet's visible circle THEN (not mentioned here) we find the percentage of the planet's visible circle to the vessel's visual 3d sphere...
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    Earth shine algorithm

    @Fizyk can you simplify your equations ? i'm lost is this for the 2d or the 3d ? the 'z' is the yellow arc ? heres what i figure out so far for the 2d version... we know f so the <ab> angle = 180 - 90 - f we divide it to the 360 degrees FRAC=( 180 - 90 - f ) / 360 degrees apply the...
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    Earth shine algorithm

    The Yellow area versus brown area percentage of the 2dPLANE is equal to the SPHERE's Yellow area versus brown area percentage ? i mean the 2d vs the 3d have the same Yellow % do they have the same analogy ?