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    Support Universal cargo deck,and payload manager problems

    Matter of fact, I think I had it happen once not long ago without spaces in 2010 but not sure. I mean when you name vessels to spawn them with scenario editor, That's where to avoid putting spaces in as it's better to use underscores instead. The gear and hover damage happens any time orbiter...
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    Support Universal cargo deck,and payload manager problems

    Sounds like the vessels you are attaching have spaces in their names. I used to have quite a bit of trouble way back before I realized vessel names with spaces would not work with payload manager. For reasons like that it's a practice probably best avoided as some addons and perhaps other...
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    Tuesday ...

    I was unsuspecting of this Tuesday! Now I REALLY can recommend this release to a few out there I know! This will be bring a new chapter of life to the community and education around the world of realistic spaceflight! Congrats on the best program ever to grace the world Dr Martin! Quite...
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    Project Heavy Metal

    Then that race has already been won! Never, Absolutely never have I seen such a fantastic ship design or concept both in real life and any fiction yet! You have won the aeronautics modeling probe prize :probe:!
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    Humor Ways to kill a UMMU

    Tried strapping one a few times to one of the four Energia Boosters with UCD for a ride to splashdown! Knew they probably wouldn't make it but it was a ride to die for! Also tried strapping one to a live R-7 warhead, But he didn't even survive the ascent!
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    Gaming Mechwarrior 4 Released for Free

    Lucky I was able to download it only about an hour or two after it was released. Played it quite a bit this weekend, Few games offer such a variety of possibilities! If only I could play it online it would be superb. But port forwarding is a mystery subject to me. Still, Been following this...
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    Question Universal RMS and Universal cargo deck

    Haven't quite had that happen but my only hunch which I cannot verify is You may have installed an addon that could have overwritten the payload manager side files with older ones it came with. Try installing newest side files from there and see if it helps.
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    Gaming Video games you want to see turned into movies

    Mechwarrior could make an epic film. I'd love to see it!
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    OHM XR5 UCGO Cargo Platform v2.0

    That's really great! Need never worry about having enough of any cargo type again no matter where one goes hehe!
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    OHM Relativistic Warp MFD 1.5

    Well, I have sent UMMU themselves for the scariest rides ever by turbo packing up into the sky a little and initiate the warp and make it stop 2/3 meters above any moon or planets surface resulting in a safe landing :lol:. There is no scarier ride!
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    OHM XR5 UCGO Cargo Platform v2.0

    Building a moon base is now going to be as economical as it can possibly be for me! In fact, A few trips with this can build a new independent multi-generation ummu society anywhere! This will be a major help Woo482!
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    Orbiter RC0 is out; "guess the actual release date" game

    April 6th 2010. Hehe, My birthday is on a tuesday.
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    What version of Orbiter are you using?

    Yeah that happened to me too however Beta versions of the XR's were posted (See near end) that fixed that issue.
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    What version of Orbiter are you using?

    Only the beta versions for quite some time as most addons I use work well with it and it's just too good for me to go back to 06 version. One is more likely to find bugs worth note if it's played as if it was a released version too (Minus addons for verification in that case).
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    Metric or US customary? Which measurement system you perfer?

    Metric and only metric. Even if Orbiter is responsible for introducing me to it. At first I didn't like it, But I started grasping it so fast I learned my mind can only quickly calculate and understand metric in extreme values with clarity because of it's clean simple logic. I prefer using it...