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  • Hi Keith,
    Not sure how the approval happened... Anyway, welcome and glad to have you aboard!

    Best regards,
    This is just a short post to inform you that I had submitted an affiliation to your social group on the forum. Sorry, I did not really know the procedure, and thought you as the moderator had to approve me being on the group before I was included. I will make myself known to you as a newish member of the site; an Orbiter fan, who likes 3D computer modeling and art, a bit of programming, space subjects and astronomy, and I am a real world pilot. I am pleased to be on a member of the Orbiter Forum. It is the only one I have felt impelled to register on, in fact, as it seems a fun and diverse group.
    McDuck, As avsim is down, would you be able to up load brainstorms Genesis addon to OH?
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