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    OHM Soyuz TMA v.1.0

    try installing the R7 before the TMA
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    News Boy Hit by Meteorite Traveling at 30,000 MPH

    lol, i agree "When it hit me it knocked me flying and then was still going fast enough to bury itself in the road." lol, it hit his hand, and he flew? ummm...i think if the rock hit his hand, his shoulder should twist like hell first before flying,...but hitting his hand then he flew? oh...
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    Moon Creation theory

    but some evidence tells that moon dust is older than moon rocks,even older than the earth itself..i think it came elsewhere and was caught by earth's how's that?
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    Moon Creation theory

    ummm..i think it was made in China.
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    Project Soyuz TMA development

    right on spot bro,
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    Project Soyuz TMA development

    I agree, you should consider releasing it separately.
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    North Korea conducts nuclear test?

    atleast they tried and succeeded what the americans thought to be almost impossible.
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    Project Soyuz TMA development

    I think that can be easily done by editing the texture files ;)
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    Request ALT Enterprise

    yes it is :lol:
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    the fact that you're getting a lappy from Alienware....why not get a gaming laptop?
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    Request Can anyone make this? TOPOL ICBM can anyone make something like this? with the truck that has a movable platform? thanks Ian
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    Project Soyuz TMA development

    very nice :)
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    The biggest disaster you have caused in Orbiter

    I edited some Orbiter files then it crashed...DISASTER.lmao
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    hey haha.thanks, belated happy bday too! :)

    hey haha.thanks, belated happy bday too! :)
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    Nasa delays Moons mission

    Why would they spend lots of money in going to the moon? I can see that they wanna know about the past or etc, but hey, shouldn't they use the money to help lessen the effects of global warming?