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    Problem Any fix for the rotation issue in AMSO 2016

    I use Attitude MFD with AMSO. Although working well most times, AMSO seems to have a bug where it thinks one roll RCS thruster is slightly locked on. Once it starts, any saved mission continues with the issue making Apollo missions impossible to fly. Even if you disable Attitude it still happens...
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    What is your favorite thing to do in Orbiter?

    Doing any AMSO Apollo mission in its entirety in ONE continuous sitting (no saves) without using any launch autopilot or auto burns or LEM (P-45/61 etc) programs (in other words in complete manual), locked into the cockpit (no view outside), as close to the historic timeline as possible, Landing...
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    Problem Glide slope causing CTD

    This has always CTD for me, in both 2010-P1 and 2016. Never been able to use it.
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    Question Q. What happened to re-entry MFD? A. It's here !

    I used to use this a lot, but now I can't find it anywhere. It was really useful during LEM landings in manual to show the deceleration required to reach the target. I find it really hard to land the LEM manually now without it. I'm always long, short or simply run out of fuel. Is there...
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    General Question Live Streaming

    Hi. I would love to fly one of the Apollo missions in real time and live stream it for my friends who may assist as ground control, but I have no idea how to live stream? Can anyone tell me if it is even possible to live stream an Orbiter mission for that long? If not, is it possible to live...
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    Problem Can't close Windows

    No, I cant, there is no way I can close the window in windows 10. STOP PRESS:- EDIT. Just clicked everywhere in the general area, Yes I can close them despite having no close icon, its a really small area and for some reason it brings up the help sometimes, but at least I can close them now...
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    Problem Can't close Windows

    Hi. I had Orbiter 2010 P4 installed when I upgraded my PC to windows 10. Now when I run Orbiter I cant close any windows because the little red x does not appear in the top right hand corner (See image). All I can do is drag them across to my second screen, but they soon fill up that. This...
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    OHM Hayabusa 2

    Well, there goes my January. Thanks BrianJ
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    Flying the Rosetta Mission.

    I used version 3D of BrianJs mission edited and improved by flug. I also used TransX-2, so you need this if you use the scenarios attached if you want to see the TransX plans. I promised BrianJ and Flug I would post some hints and tips for others who want to do it once I had successfully...
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    Orbiter Video Thread

    Rosettas Extraordinary Journey Just completed this fantastic mission, hardest one I ever tried and another real head scratcher from BrianJ. Thought I would catalogue the flight to show just how much of a challenge it really is.
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    OHM Rosetta - Comet 67/P Landing Mission, ver. 3D

    Unfortunately this does not fully work for me. As soon as I release Rosetta from the ejection stage the scenario crashes. All other scenarios that have a free flying Rosetta in also wont load and cause a crash. I found out its the comet coma itself causing the crashes. If I delete the 67P Coma...
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    Scenario BrianJ and his Solar Probe Plus Mission

    Seeing as I found that a bit hard, simply because of my mistakes. I decided to do the whole mission again in one single sitting. If anyone is struggling with this mission like I was. Here is the zip file of the mission with the TransX-2 course planned well before launch. Every course correction...
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    Scenario BrianJ and his Solar Probe Plus Mission

    Completed. That was fun in an odd kind of way. Went back to scenario 10 and created a new plan for fly by 4 to 5. Completed the rest of the mission. Final perihelion altitude was 5.6Gm at 6.36 degrees inclination (Ecliptic). As you can see from the screen shots taken at closest approach, I...
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    Scenario BrianJ and his Solar Probe Plus Mission

    Looks like the problem was with flyby 5, the set up for that flyby is wrong. After flyby 4 the solar perihelion was 13.8Gm. Flyby 5 causes it to go up, not down thus causing the locked orbit and unexpected encounters. I have tried going back but I cant seem to get a good set up for flyby 5...
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    Scenario BrianJ and his Solar Probe Plus Mission

    I can do better than that, I always keep a record of the flights, just in case something goes wrong and I need to go back or review where I went wrong. I have zipped up the saved missions from this entire flight, the one of particular interest is the one named "018-On Course for 6 and 7 Course...