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    Astrophoto thread (your own photos please)

    Hi! Orion nebula taken at 12th of October from north-eastern masovian voivodeship. Canon EOS500D + 70-200L f/4 @200mm f/4 + Sky Watcher Star Adventurer 30x90s light frames + 35 dark frames
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    Astrophoto thread (your own photos please)

    Hi! The season for Milky Way center has just started ;) This year's first shot taken at Podedworskie Lake. ---------- Post added 03-25-18 at 05:41 PM ---------- Previous post was 03-24-18 at 08:34 PM ---------- Hi! Another night spend catching milky way. This time northern east Mazovian...
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    Astrophoto thread (your own photos please)

    Hi! My first ever attempt to shot down our friends from M31. My setup for this shot was: 22x120s ISO1600 EOS500D + Canon 70-200L @200mm f/4 + Sky Watcher Star Adventurer
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    Astrophoto thread (your own photos please)

    Hi! As I promised, here is almost 180° panorama from that place.
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    Astrophoto thread (your own photos please)

    Hi! Milky way taken two days ago on the shore of Bug river in eastern Mazovian voivodeship, Poland. Just ~130km from Warsaw. I'll be back soon with nearly 180° panorama of the same place. I need to posprocess it :)
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    Criticism of Space Shuttle Ultra

    I think it's normal that dev team choose when and what to implement. It's not client - company relation, where client decides what to do. Look how FSX aircraft development look like. Here is exactly the same situation.
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    Advanced Question NC Burn

    Hi! 15km is way too low. Look at these charts. These are from STS-135 rendezvous checklists ( Summarizing - second last orbit has PeA 40kft(12km) below ApA. But last one orbit is only 9kft(less than 3km) below. If you do...
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    General Question Space Shuttle launch window

    Some time ago I was wondering how the hell NASA did whole rendezvous with almost NO corrections. After many simulations I realized, that non-spherical gravity sources plays big role here. In general, you launch little bit off plane - as far as I remember, your LAN should be ~0.05° to the east...
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    SSU Development Thread (3.0 to 4.0)

    So indeed there is no sense to draw MFD somewhere behind the scenes.
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    SSU Development Thread (3.0 to 4.0)

    Just made some research. As I see, HDC handle for surface can be obtained, so It can be binded to D2DRenderTarget. I'm not sure if the same thing is possible with D3D. I think the best solution here is to draw displays to D2D resources, then copy content to fill HDC surface. D2D will draw it's...
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    SSU Development Thread (3.0 to 4.0)

    Well, in D2D it's relatively easy: But I'm wondering if it's possible to obtain rendering surface from mfd surface handle given by orbiter API. ---------- Post added at 01:22 PM ---------- Previous post was at...
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    Humor Eurovision 2016

    Swedish song: vs Catch & Release: Especially fragment just before chorus.
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    Astrophoto thread (your own photos please)

    Hi! ISS passing over central Poland today, at 20:25 (GMT+2). She was at altitude of 408km, and distance to station was ~450km. I think the best I've ever taken :cool:
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    New Release D3D9Client Development

    Hi! Just wanted to give a try to beta build, and have some weird issue. I'm trying to open Atlantis Final Approach scenario. I have all gray earth surface and about 0.5 - 1fps. I have KSC Hi-Res tiles intalled. Am I missing something? Specs are Win 10, i5 4590, GTX960 and 8GB of Ram. This...
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    What music are you listening to?

    This is huuuuuge!