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    Project G42-200 StarLiner

    After some test flights: I hope you'll get to implement even more systems (a battery switch), for a complete start-up sequence and even more immersion. Right now, the battery is already running and displays are all lit up. I always enjoy doing startups from cold and dark in every sim. This...
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    Is Orbiter dying a slow death ???

    XR Flight operations manual: "Note that the next version of the XR2, the XR2 Ravenstar Mk II, will have a fully active virtual cockpit." Addon quantity is not everything, virtual cockpits is where Orbiter can gain immensely. Fully working 3D pit is what brought Falcon 4 back from the dead. I...
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    Autohotkey automatic script triggering upon detection of Orbiter window

    ^^Try to replace Send {LCtrl down} ; Send {F4} ; Send {LCtrl up } ; with "send ^{F4}"
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    Cougar MFD

    It does work, here's mine example: Like i said, two mfds in cougars lack labels, but the green tone matches very nicely.
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    Cougar MFD

    I've managed to put Cougars to good use with an Autohotkey script i found on orbiterwiki, which i modded for use with MFD buttons and to fit the 2nd screen resolution. I'm running four external mfds during reentry and 2-3 during other phases. For the 6th button, i use the bottom rockers. The...
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    What Tough Situation Were You In

    I set my Alt in baseApproach to 200 instead of 200k, after long play to get from moon to earth. :facepalm:
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    ULA Launchers as an option for NASA

    Why doesn't NASA take one of ULA's many launcher vehicles at their disposal and just mount a manned capsule and a docking module to it? I'm sure ULA would provide such modules so the US keeps it's ISS resupply independence. Are they running out of money?