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    Project Amrstrong Lunar Base

    Sounds very much like a bikeshed. The House of Representatives Committee on Science and Technology's Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics probably doesn't know squat-douche about a moon base; but they can pick a name! And legislate it!
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    Orbiter Distribution - Torrents

    FYI, the Mars L9 torrent link on that page gives me a 404 error. All the other torrent files are fine. I've started seeding the *.zip files I already had on my hard disk. Note to users of uTorrent: if you are downloading any of these you can use the Advanced tab on the torrent properties...
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    OHM Frontier: 55 Cancri

    So use the torrent mentioned above. That's why it's there. If you've never used BitTorrent grab uTorrent; it's easy.
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    OHM Frontier: 55 Cancri

    BitTorrent for Given the size of the file and the slow download from hosting site ( not OH) I've made a torrent available that just contains the *.zip file. Currently you can grab the torrent from via this link: Frontier55Cancri.torrent...
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    Question PKI Class 1 -email encription, is it really used?

    The parts you omitted with "..." provide qualifying context, your flippant one line response misrepresents what I was saying. What I was implying was that once configured you should encrypt all e-mail to recipients that can en/decrypt it. The "once configured" includes key exchange and what...
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    Question PKI Class 1 -email encription, is it really used?

    Why *not* encrypt? How often do people need to put their letters in an envelope? Unencrypted e-mail has been compared to sending/receiving all your snail-mail (including bills, etc) written on the back of a postcard for all to see. Of course the analogy fails in that putting a letter in an...
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    TrackIR and disappearing HUD

    I had the same results with the TrackIR software. The standard behaviour when panning in 2D (e.g. via a joystick HAT button) is to blank/remove the HUD and if the view is re-centered (with HOME key) or panned back close to center the HUD will return. With head tracking Orbiter never thinks...
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    IMFD5.3 - offset concept

    It can also be used to target the L4 and L5 Lagrange points.
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    Request Rama addon

    Rama's orbit Also note that Rama's orbit as described in the book doesn't work so any scenario would need to take a number of liberties with it. There is/was a thread about this:
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    Question Glideslope MFD

    Awesome! :speakcool: Please add direct keyboard entry. There are a LOT of Earth bases in most Orbiter installations. A 'next'/'previous' button only makes sense when there are only a few bases. And since GlideslopeMFD is currently hard coded to Earth's atmosphere next/prev doesn't make much...
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    Discussion Magnetic headings for runways?

    Custom entry profiles :speakcool: I often use Glideslope and Aerobrake for reentry with various winged craft and have often lamented that Glideslope only shows info for VLB (which I don't have) and the Cape. I don't mind that Glideslope gives a profile for the shuttle since I tend to use it...
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    Debunking 2012

    See For a debunking of when they said this would happen in 2003.
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    Concorde's maiden British flight

    A great website about the Concorde: The 001 prototype first flew on March 2, 1969 out of Toulouse.
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    New Sweet way to reenter?

    This is off topic but: The maximum nose temperature of the Concorde was 127 C and this was what limited it's maximum speed. During normal cruise the nose did approach this temperature.
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    Problem Aerobrake MFD Save opition

    In my experience it saves the recorded lift+drag data for each 1 degree of AOA observed. Therefore you want to put your craft into it's typical entry config (e.g. typically the airbrake is not deployed, the numbers will be different if it is) and once you've entered thick enough atmosphere you...