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    OFSS III - Post Flight Scenarios.

    BEGIN_DESC Contains the latest simulation state. END_DESC BEGIN_ENVIRONMENT System OFSS-Sol Date MJD 56082.8747550807 END_ENVIRONMENT BEGIN_FOCUS Ship Pegase END_FOCUS BEGIN_CAMERA TARGET Pegase MODE Extern POS 11.24 1.68 -126.48 TRACKMODE TargetRelative FOV 65.98 END_CAMERA...
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    OFSS III - Mission & crew schedules + pilot requests.

    Hey, sorry I took so long to answer, I'll get this flown by tomorrow!
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    Gaming Hielor's Minecraft Server

    Woo, do you mind sharing how your automatic farm works? I'm intersted in it for my SP world Edit: I made one by myself finally
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    Gaming Hielor's Minecraft Server

    I would like to be added too. I can't get out of the main building on the commune (the one with the furnaces, beds, and storage room) right now because the doors are locked to me :P Thanks
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    Gaming Hielor's Minecraft Server

    Thanks for adding me! I'll play a little now and more on the days to come
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    Spinal Surgery Coming Up

    Good luck!
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    Gaming Orbiter Forum Minecraft server

    I'd like to join, please whitelist me! Same username
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    Leaving O-F

    Goodbye and good luck!
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    OFSS III - Mission Screen Shots.

    Flight #7 complete! Ariane 5 ready to launch Launch! To the sky and beyond Booster separation Fairing and tower separation, the CTV is touching the void! Finally MECO and final separation A new orbital day begins, CTV ready to synch orbits, antena and solar panels deployed...
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    New Release D3D9Client Development

    I'm almost certain I was using the file from the first post, but to make sure I made a new orbiter install, downloaded the client from the first post and installed it. I checked and all the files are where they sould be, but I still get the same error. Maybe you mistankenly uploaded the 110824...
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    New Release D3D9Client Development

    I'm getting a CTD. I'm using 2010-P1, clean installation. The CTD happens before the scenario finishes loading (under 'building shader programs, SceneTech.fx'), and here are the logs. **** Orbiter.log Build Aug 30 2010 [v.100830] Timer precision: 3.83987e-007 sec Found 0 joystick(s) Module...
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    OFSS III - Post Flight Scenarios.

    Flight #7 is done! I'll post screenshots later BEGIN_DESC Mission 7 complete! END_DESC BEGIN_ENVIRONMENT System OFSS-Sol Date MJD 55904.9617635043 END_ENVIRONMENT BEGIN_FOCUS Ship P3P4 END_FOCUS BEGIN_CAMERA TARGET P3P4 MODE Extern POS 3.72 -109.19 -18.44 TRACKMODE...
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    Orbiter Magazine

    Why should an article have a maximum number of words? As long as it stays centered, why can't it be as long as the writer wants? Of course, writing an article that covers 5 pages and talks about 7 different things makes little sense, but one well written, interesting and with a specific theme...
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    Gaming Minecraft screenshots

    You can use PayPal to pay using your card and without the need for an account, that's what I did.
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    Gaming Minecraft screenshots

    Yeah, the limit won't be changed in the next release but it will be made much easier to change