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    Gaming Hielor's Minecraft Server

    Could you add me to the server mc nick is nbh01.
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    N1 Moonrocket package

    He was asking where the download was for the Celestia version. Then he asked how hard it would be to put it in orbiter.
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    N1 Moonrocket package

    You can download it off that website you posted.
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    Using Hi-res Kennedy Space Center with AMSO

    I'm trying to use the Hi-res Kennedy Space Center addon with AMSO and I need help figuring out how to do that. I figured out how use the textures, but the launch pad is not in the right place and I can't figure out how to move it.
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    Mercury and Gemini

    Press the F8 key for the control panel for Project Mercury 5.0.
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    What music are you listening to?

    Most of the time I have been listening to Eric Clapton.
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    What is your Favorite Addon?

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    American Dad or Family Guy?

    Famliy Guy. the other one stinks
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    Question Soyuz to ISS Tutorial?

    Here is one I have used it before Soyuz to ISS Tutorial
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    Eric Clapton
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    Project Mercury 5.0 question

    There is already a mercury addon with both the Redstone and Atlas rockets, and the Mercury capsule.
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    Project Mercury 5.0 question

    I'm trying to make a Freedom 7 II scenario, because project mercury 5.0 comes with a texture for it and mesh for MA-10. Does anyone know how to do this?
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    OHM Space-X launchers and Dragon spacecraft version 0.

    Thats a really nice model glider will it be released this weekend?
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    Space Shuttle Simulator 2007

    I'm thinking of buying SSM2007 and I have a question will it run with 768mb of ram?
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    OHM Space-X launchers and Dragon spacecraft version 0.

    Can you show us pictures of the interior of the crew variant, and the cargo variant?