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    Flight Question DGIV Ejection

    Do you have "limited fuel" unchecked in the launchpad?
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    OHM Gorizont 1 spacecraft

    yes indeed.
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    OHM Gorizont 1 spacecraft

    It is the contents of a scenario file. Just create a new txt file in your scenarios-folder, change the extension to .scn, and copy-paste this text into it. Also, insure you have the Proton LV installed.
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    Gaming Hielor's Minecraft Server

    Could you add two friends of mine, Scap911 and NL95ReBeL95NL?
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    Gaming Hielor's Minecraft Server

    Could you add me? Mrev95
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    OFMM Mission Assignment

    Can I do OFMM-14, backup OFMM-15 please?
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    No sound....

    top one
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    Project Grand Exploration Probes New Generation

    On the site of NASA they have great models. See the last ones on this page.
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    Project G42-200 StarLiner

    Found it! On the icing protection system, the center switch (probe) hasn't got a WARN sign above it, but a HAIL
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    Question Avatar Origins

    Just a picture I took when coming back from Saturn
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    Hello Orbinauts

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    Question Username origins

    My user name is the first letter of my first name, followed by the first three letters of my last name. After that, my birth year ('95).
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    General Question Has DG/DG-S got a payload bay & can I make an EVA from DG?

    Actually, the XR-1 hasn't got a payload bay. The XR-2 has, though.
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    Scenario Ariane 6 payload problem

    Could you post the .INI file of the Ariane?